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What is Beyond?

Introducing Beyond, a supplement built for a purpose. The next phase in energy drinks for gamers. Experience a surge of natural energy with the Beyond fusion formula. A nootropic stack containing active ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals that are key to enhanced focus, cognitive function and so much more.

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What Is Beyond NRG?
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Sealed in our signature tubs with a new chrome metallic label, experience Project Luna, now known as Space Rocks, a sugar coated starfield of flavour.

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What's inside beyond?

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An incremental release in energy comes from naturally sourced caffeine that outrivals synthetic alternatives. Our nootropics, extracted from plants, have a vast list of exotic benefits, including improved blood flow, increased alertness, and fatigue reduction. Vitamins and minerals are vital to healthy wellbeing, and sometimes, we just don’t get enough from our regular diets. We have selected six essential vitamins and minerals that work along-side our ingredients to create the ultimate focus supplement.

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Who is beyond for?

During our quest to create the best gaming energy drink, we realised something. What if we could make a ‘pre-workout’ but for non-physical activity? Putting your brain into the right gear, with a rush of natural energy and zero crash. If you’re a streamer looking for a boost on long sessions, a competitive gamer that needs to sharpen up focus, or just to kickstart your day at the office. Beyond is here for you.

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