Posted On May 20, 2021

Albion Giants Join Beyond: A Q&A With The Epic ‘Giants Tribe’

By Beyond

Albion Giants are the latest addition to the Beyond NRG partnerships roster. They are the biggest amateur and semi-professional SMITE league in the scene. Currently boasting 13 contracted streamers and a Rocket League division. Albion Giants are a professional esports organisation, tournament provider and media production company with a global presence. They were founded in December 2019 and headquartered in the UK, with a goal to provide quality content and esports tournaments for the gaming community.




Why did Albion Giants begin, and what was the goal?

Albion Giants began as a side project by Sharixx and Alookeva in 2019. They were both volunteering for the Pittsburgh Knights at the time and decided that they wanted to take all the experience that they’d gained, took the plunge and started up on their own!

Faced with the start of a global pandemic, they used their downtime as an advantage to put all their time and effort into AG and make it what it is today. We saw many people out of work, away from families and friends, and capitalised on bringing people together and giving them something to do!

What defining moment has shaped Albion Giants into what it is today?

A defining moment for Albion Giants is when we got accepted to join the SMITE partner program with HiRez Studios! Every patch, we get skins and battle passcodes to give away to our community and get access to exclusive events and tournaments and host our events!

What type of media production projects have Albion Giants been involved in producing or coordinating so far?

We host the Albion Giants League, a global SMITE league for players ranked Bronze to Masters! We currently have 12 divisions across North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia, duking it out to see who is the best in their region!

We have casters ranging from newbies and community favourites and even get the odd caster to volunteer from the SMITE Pro League themselves! We’ve been able to do this since almost day one, bringing us to our fifth and current season.

Albion Giants League

Tell us about some of the favourite tournaments you attended and what made them so memorable?

We were fortunate enough to have two teams qualify for the Apex Legends GLL Summer Series! Both our NA and EU teams made the cut, and it was incredible to watch the teams compete against some big names like Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, TSM and Luminosity Gaming!

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to organise a tournament?

Do your research! Make sure you know the basic rules of the game and BE PREPARED TO PUT A SHIFT IN! We learned the hard way, and without realising what we got ourselves in for, our first tournament lasted eight hours!

Time, effort and listening to critical feedback from the participants is KEY to running successful events.

We have found the community to be at the heart of Albion Giants. Can you tell us about this, and what type of educational content do you share?

We are nothing without the Giants Tribe! We are a close-knit family, and no matter where you are in the world, you are always at home in the Tribe.

We put out a podcast live on Twitch called The AGL God Guides, where we talk all things SMITE and break everything down to basics!

Every year brings new challenges, so what do you hope to have accomplished by the end of 2021?

We would love to support a successful esports team to help bring Albion Giants to new heights, on top of producing quality content behind them to back it up!

Along with this, we aim to continue growing the community and putting out quality events for our family!

We all have one….so what are your teams’ guilty pleasure throwback games?

Emmet Memory
– CoD 4 ProMod, it’s where my love for esports came from and how I knew I wanted to compete.

Sharixx – Gotta be Goldeneye on the N64, cannot beat a retro throwback, and it still holds up to this day. Nothing like meeting up with the gang and duking it out split-screen!

CyborgWTF – It’s got to be the Guitar Hero/Rock Band series for me. Guitar Hero got me into rock music even though I don’t listen to rock music. Rock Band inspired me to become a drummer. So many nostalgic memories with those games, man.

Alookeva – Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I don’t know how I was able to play that game at 13. It had all the memes and was ahead of its time. Excellent gameplay, but it knew it was a satire and ran with it. Hilarious and classic. Don’t forget the epic opera piece! 

What is the Albion Giant’s collective dream for the future?

Our motto is that when people come together, they become GIANT, and we truly believe this! Our dream is to become a giant gaming community one day and have successful esports teams competing in tournaments across multiple titles and regions!

When is your next big event coming up?

We are about to launch an American collegiate division for our SMITE League! Currently, there are eight Universities registered to compete, with influential names like the University of Michigan and Arizona State University. We also anticipate another eight teams before signups close!

Lastly, what does this Beyond NRG partnership mean to you?

We are honoured to partner with a UK-based energy drink company. For us, Beyond NRG instils the sense that we have a chance in this intensely competitive industry. Beyond already supports some of the biggest names in Europe, giving Albion Giants and the #GiantsTribe community an opportunity to become even LARGER. You can’t ask for anything more in this space. Moving forward, we want to see both brands grow but preserve the integrity that has founded our grassroots organisation while opening all the doors. Thank you for opening this door for us. We’re stomping through!

Click here to view the Albion Giants page, or find out more about the individuals on our community hub!

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