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BehavingBeardly: Everything You Need To Know + Q&A and 5 Facts

By Jax

“…it was apparent the guys genuinely wanted to create a positively reinforced brand with creators in mind and wanted to focus on being a healthy supplement, rather than a stylish looking energy crash in a can.

– BehavingBeardly

The Intro.

If you’re a fan of Sea of Thieves or an avid Twitch watcher, you’ll likely have heard the name – BehavingBeardly. He’s considered by most, as the face of the game here in the UK and holds significant influence over the SoT fanbase up and down the country. His family-friendly nature and encouraging sense of humour captivates audiences in their thousands each and every week.

Recently, we’ve had the immense pleasure in working very closely with Beardly to produce his very own flavour – [Pear Drops] – a solid hark back to the good old days, instilling nostalgia for those who seek a flavour of the past. During development, we got to know the ‘man of the movement’ even more and we can safely say he’s just as charming in real life as he appears on screen.

The Bio.

Hello! I’m BehavingBeardly, an online personality and content creator with a focus on fun, engaging and informative content!

I first went live on Twitch in March 2018, deciding to go full time in September 2019 and became Twitch and Sea of Thieves Partner in Sept/Oct 2020! Outside of content creation, I have an incredible wife and a very cheeky five-year-old boy whom I adore.

Previously, my career spanned from nightclub manager to marketing coordinator for Europe’s largest restaurant group, DJ’ing, and a career coach for senior-level executives… How I ended up here I have no idea! But as odd as it sounds, this is the hardest yet most rewarding and enjoyable time in my working experience to date!

The Facts.

1. I really want to shave.

2. I used to make homebrewing (beer) content.

3. I’d never heard of Twitch until the week before I went live on there.

4. I was in the same year as my wife at primary school but didn’t reconnect until 2009 through Facebook!

5. Throughout my years in school, I always thought I’d work in film/theatre.

How old is BehavingBeardly? 36.

Where is BehavingBeardly from?: United Kingdom.

What is Beardly’s real name? It’s not what you might think.

Favourite game? It goes without saying – Sea of Thieves.

How many subscribers does Beardly have? YouTube – 7.5k / Twitch – 55.7k.

What is BehavingBeardly’s day job? Full-time Content Creator and Twitch Partner.

Beardly’s favourite Beyond flavour? PEAR DROPS!

What is Beardly’s favourite music genre? Pop Punk/Ska.

Beardly’s favourite food? Anything Texan BBQ!

Beardly’s favourite film? I love everything Disney and Pixar… but also have a love for Horror and Sci-fi. Firm favourites include John Carpenters: Thing, Alien, Blade Runner alongside CoCo, Up and Big Hero 6. So yeah, quite a contrast!

Q&A – What’s Next For BehavingBeardly? Let’s Get Down To The Nitty Gritty With The Man Of The Movement Himself.

Q: There’s no denying, you’re a man of the seas – but what attracted you to Sea of Thieves initially?

A: I had actually lost my passion for gaming and my job at the time left very little scope for gaming sessions but for some reason, I tuned into the 2015 E3 show and saw the Sea of Thieves announcement and was instantly drawn by the humour, stylisation and games potential. I literally became obsessed from that moment on.

Q: We know you’re incredibly committed and engaged with your community, but why else do you think your viewers tune into your streams?

A: I guess there are a few reasons, to be honest. My streams are a safe place to watch and learn how to play the game ‘better’. With tips and tricks for streaming, humour and a varied style of content. And let’s not forget the friendships spawned and the banter I have with my incredible crew mates!

BehavingBeardly - Streaming - Twitch
BehavingBeardly receiving subs | Image: Twitch

Q: It’s no secret that you’re a huge SoT fan, but what do you love best about the game?

A: Above everything else, it’s the player interactions. You just never know what’s going to happen when you see those sails on the horizon! It could turn out to be an epic three-hour battle, or you could end up boarding ships, resulting in a competition to see who can shoot the best after ten groggs!

Q: What three words would you use to describe your streaming career?

A: Labour of passion and love – It’s draining, tiring, time-consuming and stressful… but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Q: Together, we’ve just launched your very own flavour – [Pear Drops]! Tell us how that made you feel…

A: Dumbfounded… this whole situation is just a prime example of being careful what you say on the internet. The whole movement started from a random comment I made on stream which turned into a meme that became a revolution!

Beyond NRG - Pear Drops - BehavingBeardly
Pear Drops | Image: Beyond NRG

Q: What has been your most memorable moment on stream – of all time?

A: To celebrate Christmas, as a gift, I received a video compilation. Members of ClanBeardly spent months gathering clips of themselves expressing how my content made them feel and explaining what the community means to them. I was literally sobbing!

Q: Have you got any advice for anyone looking to make a success of streaming?

A: You MUST HAVE FUN! It’s been my biggest career challenge to date and the only reason I’ve lasted this long is I make sure I enjoy every aspect of content creation which makes it worthwhile and prevents me from burning out.

Q: What’s next for Beardly in 2022?

A: Tons of events and meet-ups! I’m attending every event this year so I can finally meet people and throw out some crisp high fives and Beardly hugs!

Q: When you’re not streaming, do you have any hobbies?

A: I used to love running and homebrewing. I even ran at competitive times! But in the world of content creation… there’s very little time for hobbies! Any spare time I have is spent with my family and close friends.

Q: With the launch of [Pear Drops], you got the chance to visit the Beyond HQ, tell us about that experience?

A: It was such a fun day, and the team are literally phenomenal. I walked in there like a bull in a China shop and everyone just went with it! Plus Billy (Beyond CEO) bought me a ‘Mr Beast’ burger, and everyone knows the way to Beardly’s heart is with a burger.

Q: You have an unlimited budget, what equipment would you buy to add to your current setup?

A: Green screen studio and full VR, for sure.

Q: Before Sea of Thieves, you loved Gears of War. The question is, Gnasher or Sawed-Off, and why?

A: Well, that’s a trick question… the answer is Lancer because they go GRRRRRRRrrr BRRRrrrrr and Grubs get diced.

Q: What energy drinks did you drink before Beyond NRG, if any?

A: I used to drink Relentless at gigs and Lucozade Sport generally.

Q: What do you love most about Beyond?

A: THE FLAVOURS! Oh my god, Beyond has nailed the flavours recently but also the lack of ‘come downs’ and headaches that I used to get from the likes of Relentless are always a huge plus point.

Before We Let You Go, We Wanted To Play A Game Of ‘Cop OR Drop’. We’ll Name The Items, And You Decide Whether To Cop Them Or Drop Them.

BehavingBeardly - Cop or drop

You Originally Declined The Opportunity To Work With Beyond NRG… Tell Us More.

That’s actually true! When Beyond first approached me, it was an instant no… Like most, I had a negative perception of energy drinks, especially when my focus is on family-friendly content. But Billy and Megs asked to have a call anyway, even if it was just to get feedback.

As soon as I picked up the phone it was apparent the guys genuinely wanted to create a positively reinforced brand with creators in mind. And wanted to focus on being a healthy supplement, rather than a stylish looking energy crash in a can.

It’s been incredible to see and be a part of Beyond NRG, from strength to strength, and even now in collaboration to create this incredible BehavingBeardly [Pear Drops] flavour…. what a ride!

BehavingBeardly - The Takeover - Pear Drops
BehavingBeardly – The Takeover | Image: Beyond NRG

And Finally, Describe Pear Drops For Our Budding Fans! What Can They Expect From The New Flavour?

If you’re from the UK… instant nostalgia of the days where you’d go to a sweetshop with coppers in your pocket to buy bags of sweets (all tied up in an epic looking tub with a surprise inside the box). And if you’re not from the UK, a flavour experience that transcends culture and generations… a perfectly balanced combination of sweet/sour/tart that emulates a timeless British hard candy!

The Roundup.

If you’re not following BehavingBeardly on Twitch, you should be! Not only is he hilarious, but he provides some great insight into the world of Sea of Thieves and streaming. Plus, who doesn’t love a bold as brass beard?! Be sure to follow him so you don’t miss out on any of his future shenanigans! And lastly, we’d just like to say thank you to the man himself – we couldn’t be happier to have twinned with Beardly on our latest venture, it’s a flavour loved by many, brought to you by a character loved by many.

Click Here to view BehavingBeardly on our community page, where you can check out his favourite Beyond products and watch his stream live!

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