Posted On March 19, 2022

7 Beyond Top Tips & The Ultimate Shaker Cleaning Guide

By Jack

01 – Making the perfect Beyond (for you).

Now we’re going to level with you here. Making something perfect is hard. It takes time and dedication. Nah, just kidding, we’ve made it super easy.

Mix in the correct order

Always add the water to your shaker first. Then the Beyond. Nobody likes caked-up nootropics at the bottom of their drink! If you use one of our regular shakers, add ice at whichever stage you want.

If you have a Vortex Shaker, add the water, switch it on, and then add your powder. If you are adding ice, then we don’t recommend doing this before mixing to avoid damaging the motor/blades.

How to use Beyond - Step 1

Fill your shaker or water bottle with 400-600ml of cold water.

How to use Beyond - Step 2

Grab one (10g) serving of Beyond using the scoop included (Or one sachet).

How to use Beyond - Step 3

Pour your 10g serving into your shaker or bottle, replace the insert/lid.

How to use Beyond - Step 4

Shake vigorously until fully mixed (approx. 20 seconds) and enjoy!

Adding the perfect amount of water

The first thing that we tell anyone when they are trying Beyond for the first time. Treat it like squash; do you like it strong or weak?

That’s the great thing about buying an unprepared drink. If you like your flavour on the stronger side, start with 300-400ml of water. Give it a try, and then after your first sip, add more water until it’s perfect. Once you hit that sweet spot, stick to it – like chewing gum to a driveway.

If you like a weaker squash, as our CEO does (he’s the kind of guy that adds way too much milk to his tea), go ahead and add 500-600ml to start. Add more water gradually to suit your taste.


Beyond tastes 123’948 times better when it’s ice-cold – or warm actually – but we will get to that later. If you use a water filter jug, then great, keep it in the fridge. If you have one of those fridges with the fancy buttons on the front, even better, use that!

If you enjoy the finer things in life like me, stick in a few ice cubes – but remember – when they melt, they will alter your perfect Beyond X water balance!!

Beyond with ice - Beyond Top Tips

02 – Getting a prolonged boost of NRG.

Down it. Down it. Down it. Now that is an interesting one, how to get the most out of your Beyond, tiny sips, or just go for it!? We caught up with our resident scientist and formulation expert, David Bowers (MSc), for this question!

Q: Over what period is it most beneficial to consume your Beyond?

A: I don’t think there’s a correct way to drink it, but somewhere hot, like the Caribbean…I haven’t been able to test this theory out yet, though, as I’ve had a hard time convincing Bill it’s for “research purposes”.

A2: Just kidding…Caffeine takes up to an hour to reach peak levels within your system, with initial effects noticeable 10 minutes after consumption. While you ideally want to drink Beyond within the shortest timespan possible (to make sure you don’t start metabolising before reaching that peak), we have designed the drink to be enjoyed!

We’ve found drinking Beyond across a half an hour timespan is a good balance between achieving a good caffeine boost and enjoying the experience. Aside from the caffeine, Beyond also aims to support you with essential vitamins and amino acids. Having a light snack beforehand can get the metabolism started and improve absorption.

Insider tip: For an even more significant boost, try taking a 15-minute nap immediately after finishing your Beyond. Research has shown how resting can increase the desired effects of caffeine consumption.1

1.M. Hayashi, A. Masuda and T. Hori, Clinical Neurophysiology, 2003, 114, 2268-2278

03 – Cleaning and maintaining your Vortex Shaker.

You’ve just received your shiny new Vortex Shaker. It looks fantastic. You run to the kitchen to make your first automated Beyond. As you press the button and the water whirls around, mixing your nootropics to perfection, you go and sit back and enjoy those extra seconds you have saved, knowing that you have also retained a few calories from not having to shake. Perfect. But wait, what about afterwards—the dreaded cleaning?

Well, here are some top tips for keeping your Vortex Shaker like the day you bought it.

Beyond NRG - Vortex Shaker

Clean straight after use

The best way of looking after your Vortex Shaker, or any other shaker for that matter, is to clean it straight away. There’s nothing worse than leaving sediment to evaporate and potentially grow… yuck! After you’ve finished your Beyond or your gaming session, take your shaker to the sink. REMOVE THE BATTERY SECTION. Fill halfway with fresh water and give it a good shake. Rinse and leave to dry upside down on the drainer.

If you forget…

DON’T PANIC. We have some excellent Vortex Shaker cleaning tips for you.

Washing up

Using a small amount of washing up liquid on your sponge (non-scratch), just get in and around the lid and down around the blade. If you have big hands, use something wooden to push the sponge to the bottom.

No, no… it’s bad (baby bottle cleaner)

Occasionally a quick rinse, shake or wash just won’t be enough. In this case, you’ll need a deeper clean. For this, we recommend using baby bottle cleaner.

Baby bottle cleaner is available in virtually all supermarkets from the baby aisle. It’s a chlorine-based cleaner. It should be relatively inexpensive, and the bottle will last you a long time!

Steps below:

1 – Fill your shaker with warm water and add a small amount of the cleaning liquid check the instructions on your cleaner. (Usually, I use half a cap full) Shake for a moment.

2 – Open the cap and pour in some more warm water until the bottle is full to the brim.

3 – Leave this to stand for the recommended time, usually about 20 minutes.

4 – Pour away the contents and rinse thoroughly. Leave upside down on the draining board to dry.

Your shaker will now smell like brand new!

Top tip: This method works amazingly for your protein shakers too, and we all know that smell!

Beyond Top Tips - Disassembled Vortex Shaker - Cleaning

Cleaning the seals

The rubber seals can easily be removed from the shaker and should be done as part of your regular cleaning routine. They can sometimes build up liquid on the under-side. Once cleaned, allow the parts to dry separately on the drainer before re-assembling.

Replacing the batteries

Occasionally, you may notice the performance of your shaker dropping off. This means it’s time for a fresh set of Duracell’s. The batteries are located under the rubber base of the Vortex Shakers motor unit. Remove the rubber gator, dispose of the old AA batteries (responsibly), and insert your new ones.  

Top Tip: Grab yourself some rechargeable AA batteries to save your bank balance and the planet in the long run!

04 – Storing your Beyond tubs

Beyond is hygroscopic, which means that it will attract any moisture. The best place to store it is away from water and moisture, in a cool, dry cupboard. OR do as our community do and keep them on a shelf behind your stream setup!

Hadz Twitch Beyond Partner
Hadz – Beyond NRG Partner
Behaving Beardly Twitch Beyond Partner
BehavingBeardly – Beyond NRG Partner

05 – Try Beyond fizzy!

Another one that we have been frequently asked is, is it ok to make Beyond fizzy? Our answer: Absolutely! Now you might be thinking, wait, I can’t put a fizzy drink in a shaker, and you’d be right. You will almost certainly make a big mess. So here are some simple steps to creating a fizzy Beyond.

Vortex Shaker - 150 ml Water
Step 1

Add 150ml of water to your shaker / Vortex Shaker or bottle

Vortex Shaker - Sachet Pour
Step 2

Shake or spin until the Beyond is thoroughly combined.

Vortex Shaker - Lemonade
Step 3

Top up with the desired amount of fizziness.

Base liquids to test out:

  • Tonic water
  • Lemonade (Zero sugar)
  • Carbonated water

06 – Try Beyond warm

Honestly, it’s surprising! We’ve had tons of people message us about this, so we decided to give it a go. Last Christmas, we put together a recipe for ‘Mulled Beyond’, but you can try this with any of our flavours (without the additional ingredients).

Top Tip: *Avoid using boiling water as it will reduce the effectiveness of the Beyond formula. Add water to the cup and allow it to cool for a minute or two before adding your powder!

Mulled Beyond (For the winter)

Here is our recipe to make Beyond into the perfect winter warmer. Good for your soul – and your brain.


Beyond Cherry Twist (½ Scoop)

Hot water (60 – 70℃)


Cinnamon Stick (½ lengthways)

Star Anise (½)

Whole Cloves (2)

Orange Slice (1)  

1 – Get your favourite mug and fill it ¾ with hot water

2 – Add your half scoop of Beyond – a little more if you like it sweet!

3 – Add optional ingredients.

4 – Put your feet up and enjoy!

If you do give this a go, make sure you take a photo and tag us using the hashtag: #HOTBEYOND

06 – Beyond Sugar/Alcohol-Free Cocktails

THE BEYOND MAMA (our fave!)


1 scoop – Mango, Pineapple & Blood Orange Beyond NRG.

200ml – Cold water

200ml – Alpro sugar-free coconut

1tbsp – Jordans sugar-free simple syrup

10 drops – Skinny Food Co banana smoothie drops

Splash – Grenadine


Pineapple for decoration


Add 200ml water to a shaker and your 10g scoop of Mango, Pineapple Blood Orange. Shake to combine. Add 200ml of Alpro sugar-free coconut, approx. 1tbsp Jordan’s simple syrup (adjust for sweetness) and five to ten drops of banana smoothie drops – shake. Fill the glass with ice and pour over the cocktail. Insert straw and run-in grenadine using the straw as a guide to ensure the liquid sinks to the bottom. Gently agitate to create a gradient. Decorate with a triangle of pineapple.

Top tip! For a simple cocktail fix, try Mango, Pineapple & Blood orange (200ml mixed), Alpro Coconut (200ml), and some ice for a ‘colada’ tasting drink!



10g scoop – Sour Apple – Beyond NRG.

200ml – Cold water

200ml – 7up (Sugar-free)

Fresh Mint


Apple for decoration


Add 200ml water to a shaker and your 10g scoop of Sour Apple. Shake to combine. Add 200ml of sugar-free 7up, and stir to combine. Fill the glass with ice and pour over the cocktail. Insert a sprig of mint into the mixture and gently agitate. Decorate with an apple round!



10g scoop – Lemon Sherbet – Beyond NRG

200ml – Cold water

200ml – Soda water

1tbsp – Jordans sugar-free simple syrup

Fresh Mint

Crushed Ice

Lemon for decoration


Add 200ml water to a shaker and your 10g scoop of Lemon Sherbet. Shake to combine. Add 200ml of soda water, approx—1tbsp Jordan’s simple syrup (adjust for sweetness) and stir to combine. Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour over the cocktail. Add a handful of fresh mint with stalks removed and gently rubbed together. Use a long spoon to push the mint into the drink and combine. Decorate with a round of Lemon, and add a straw to enjoy!



10g scoop – Strawberry, Watermelon & Lime – Beyond NRG.

200ml – Cold water

200ml – Sugar-free Lemonade

1tbsp – Jordans sugar-free simple syrup

Crushed Ice

Watermelon for decoration


Add 200ml water to a shaker and your 10g scoop of Strawberry, Watermelon & Lime. Shake to combine. Add 200ml of sugar-free lemonade, approx—1tbsp Jordan’s simple syrup (adjust for sweetness) and stir to combine. Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour over the cocktail. Decorate with a triangle of watermelon and add a straw to enjoy!

More Top Tips?

There we have it. Some top tips for all things Beyond NRG. We will keep this blog up to date with any more top tips that we come across, if you have a Beyond tip that you think we need to add, let us know on our socials!

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