Posted On March 30, 2021

Coffeine: Avoid the crash and burn! Our natural caffeine source explained.

By Beyond

Coffeine®? That’s right; it’s not a typo, and this week, we’re going to tell you why ‘natural’ isn’t just a buzzword for the team at Beyond NRG.

The use of caffeine in our diet’s dates back centuries, with records of its use going as far back as the ancient days of China and tea drinking, to early Southern Americans and cacao. We all need an energy boost, and caffeine is synonymous with just that! Skip forward to today, where this stimulant appears in anything that promises an extra energy kick.

Green Coffee Beans - Coffeine

So you may be asking. How does our blend of natural caffeine, under the moniker Coffeine®, differ from synthetic alternatives?

Well first, we need to look at the basics!

So what is Coffeine® exactly?

Coffeine® is simply a natural caffeine extract derived from unroasted, green coffee beans. A pure and natural caffeine source with a rather exciting caffeine curve. It doesn’t start life in a petri dish; it’s sown, grown and extracted before being mixed into our beyond formula and sealed in sachets and tubs.

But the difference between natural and synthetic caffeine is its delivery. Wouldn’t you like your brain to stay alert for longer? Synthetic caffeine is processed by our digestive system quicker than natural caffeine; that’s why we prefer using the stimulant’s natural alternative.

Fun fact: The half-life of caffeine is four to five hours. Therefore, five hours after consumption half of the dosage is still in your system!

It’s all about that synergy; let’s talk caffeine curves.

A steadier caffeine curve helps the rest of our ingredients deliver the potential benefits we know you need gradually over time. This delivery method also means jitters won’t be affecting your trigger finger or decision making. At Beyond NRG, we have nothing to hide with our ingredients; we even have a dedicated page that shows everything in our formula. If you see other brands that don’t do the same, it’s your right to question them!

Man Looking At Graph

So what about ‘the crash’?

We all know that saying: ‘what goes up must come down.’ In most cases, in terms of energy drinks, this is largely due to sugar. Energy drinks loaded with sugar and synthetic caffeine are going to lead to one thing, a pretty hefty crash and burn. Yes, you get that instant sugar rush, combined with a short boost from the caffeine, but that’s a very high peak with an energy downer the size of Everest to match!

Even in different zero-sugar formulations, one must consider the additional ingredients that are present, alongside your caffeine. It’s all about creating the perfect equilibrium to help you perform above and Beyond! You may recall reading in previous blogs why we exclude taurine and pack each serving with a powerhouse of nootropics as a replacement. It’s our passion to make a fuel that helps you perform, and we’ve found part of the answer in natural caffeine (Coffeine®).

Fun Fact: Caffeine latches to adenosine receptors in the brain but without activating them. This blocks the effects of adenosine, leading to reduced tiredness.

Synthetic caffeine may sound futuristic, but it’s got a dark past.

We’re no longer in a time where obtaining caffeine from natural sources isn’t possible. If we look into the history of synthetic caffeine, also known as caffeine anhydrous, we can learn a thing or two from its first development. In WW2, the Nazi army had many trade supplies cut off, and without access to chocolate or coffee, they turned to the laboratory.

Of course, now we are no longer in that era, but why do we still so frequently see the same synthetic caffeine used in drinks today? This is largely due to cost, synthetic caffeine is significantly cheaper, and in a world where people consider price before quality, well, you get the idea!

Fun Fact: Synthetic caffeine has a phosphorescent glow under UV Light. In order to remove this, it is rinsed with sodium nitrite, acetic acid, sodium carbonate and chloroform. It also comes into contact with methylene chloride, ethyl acetate and carbon dioxide during the production from its initial form as ammonia.

Beyond NRG - Sachets - Containing Coffeine

Break through your limits, not the bank (unless it’s part of the game mission)!

So we have learned that synthetic alternatives are far cheaper than those sourced naturally, such as Coffeine®, but you’ll never see us charge a premium price. It’s our mission to bring you healthier energy, and we’re here for the long run. Don’t believe us? Click here to see our great value bundles! We’re proudly made in the UK and know exactly where our ingredients are sourced.

At Beyond NRG, we pride ourselves on including the very best natural and performance-boosting ingredients explicitly tailored for your cognition and focus domination. Our two recommended servings a day provide a total of 300mg of naturally sourced caffeine. Just in case you think this isn’t enough, remember it’s not just Coffeine® providing the energy!

We’re all about mixing the game up. We pride ourselves as pioneers in an otherwise crowded market, and where others see a trend, we’re happy to challenge the status quo to bring you the best possible product! 

All that’s left for us to say is, when are you going Beyond?

I hope you see a trend here. Taurine isn’t in our drink because it’s better suited to physical activity. Synthetic caffeine isn’t present because it goes against the grain of what we know helps people compete at the next level. We go Beyond so that you can go Beyond!

So, if you’re looking for an upgrade to your loadout, look no further. Beyond is the only fuel for your passion, and we’re just getting started.

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