Posted On March 3, 2023

GlitchGolder: Everything You Need To Know + Q&A and 5 Facts

By Jax

I am blessed with a truly awesome and open community where we welcome anyone and everyone with non-stop good vibes!

– GlitchGolder

The Intro.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a hyped welcome to our very own GlitchGolder – a CoD-enthused Twitch Streamer from the UK. Glitch has been with the Beyond team since February 2022 and just this month made his way to an official partner of Beyond. This blog celebrates his success, key moments and a little history behind one of our most entertaining brand ambassadors!

Beyond NRG Blog - GlitchGolder - Portrait, photoshoot, XSET

The Bio.

In my streams, you can expect energy from the very first second, right through till the last. I mainly play S&D to get those sweaty lobbies, beautiful gameplay and hilarious moments along the way. You will see me streaming on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6 PM UK time right through till late. We often run playing with subs nights and open lobby nights too!

I am blessed with a truly awesome and open community where we welcome anyone and everyone with non-stop good vibes!

The Links.

The Facts.

How old is Glitch? 30

What part of the country does he hail from? The East

What does Glitch’s mum call him? James

How many followers does he have? 2500

Glitch’s favourite Beyond flavour? Cherry Twist

What’s his favourite music genre? Djent

Glitch’s meal of choice? Chicken Wings

And his most-loved film/movie? Pulp Fiction

Q&A: Let’s Get To Know Glitch And Find Out More About The On-Screen Hypeman!

Q: You’ve amassed over 2,500 followers on Twitch, but where did it all begin?

A: November 21st is when I first hit GO LIVE; I have been the frontman of a Heavy Rock band for years and years; during COVID, we weren’t able to do anything, so I needed something else in my life to fill that “entertainer” void… Gaming and Streaming was the choice.

Q: You bring so much energy to your streams, but what really gets your juices flowing?

A: Aside from a healthy dose of Beyond NRG, it has to be music. Music is like a whole separate energizer for me and is an absolute must for anything I want to get pumped for!

Q: Anyone who’s tuned in to your stream would know you’re a frequent CoD player, but what drew you to the game in the first place?

A: Back on CoD4, it was the game mode ‘Search and Destroy’, I just love that competitive mode where if you make a mistake, you have to wait until the next round. It probably helps that I have always been obsessed with Counter-Strike too.

Q: Can you describe your most nostalgic gaming memory?

A: Completing ‘Ocarina of Time’ for the first time, what a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience that will always be from my childhood.

Q: What’s next for Glitch in 2023?

A: Keep this beautiful family of a community building, keep the content coming, and hopefully find myself in an esports org as a Content Creator.

Q: For anyone thinking of jumping into a streaming career, what advice do you have for them?

A: Never get hung up on numbers; if you focus on yourself, your brand and your content, the numbers will come. Be yourself, don’t try to be someone else! Also, don’t feel that you have to spend money in order to grow; some of the most successful streamers just stream gameplay with talking over the top, no face cam or glamorous set-ups, just great content!

Q: It’s no secret that you’re a huge music fan, but what other hobbies do you have aside from gaming?

A: Photography and videography are two passionate hobbies of mine, absolutely love getting out and creating. Also singing, playing guitar, bass, drums… oh wait… that’s music, haha!

Q: You upload a lot of content to YouTube. Have you ever thought about making the switch to streaming full-time there instead of Twitch?

A: It has certainly crossed my mind, but I do like how Twitch works, the interface and the amazing people I have met there. It’s definitely the people that keep me there as opposed to the company for sure.

Q: It’s clear that your viewers share your enthusiasm and energy on stream, but what do you love best about the gaming community?

A: Getting a group of people that have never met before, from different backgrounds and walks of life together. Knowing that gaming can be used in such a powerful way to create togetherness in a world that has SO MUCH discrimination and discourse is a great thing to utilise to battle hate.

Q: What’s on your wish list right now, and why?

A: New sports car! I sold my Honda Civic Type R a long time ago and have had a very economical family car since. Now, in my new job, we do prize draws for high-performance cars and my goodness, it has made me want one again.

Q: What energy drinks did you drink before Beyond NRG, if any?

A: Monster, Sneak and Adrenalize. None of them come anywhere near the taste, energy and branding of Beyond!

Q: What do you love most about Beyond?

A: For me, it’s finally a drink that tastes great with absolutely no crash. Knowing that what I am drinking has good stuff in it is such a great thing. Finally, the Beyond branding is so clean; it just looks amazing anywhere, every time!

Before We Let You Go, We Wanted To Play A Game Of ‘Loot Or Shoot’. We’ll Name The Items, And You Decide Whether To Loot Them Or Shoot Them.

Beyond NRG Blog - GlitchGolder - Shoot Ot Loot Game

Tell Us More About Your Partnership With Beyond NRG… What Made You Choose Us As Your Choice Of In-Game Energy?

I was contacted by someone from Beyond after submitting an email about joining the Affiliate Program and have never looked back since. Their professional yet non-stop fun team welcomed me in with open arms and instantly looked after me as an affiliate. Beyond has made me feel like a family member and that I am a part of something way more special than just affiliation. To now be offered a Partnership with them is a dream come true, and I can’t wait to see where the endless possibilities take Beyond, me, and the whole Beyond fam!

And Finally, Please Describe Your Favourite Beyond Flavour/s And Why?

[Cherry Twist] for that super fruity and sweet flavour. [Sour Apple] for the explosive kick of zingy taste. And finally, [Space Rocks] for that nostalgic sweet shop throwback.

Rounding Up.

GlitchGolder is an incredible ambassador of Beyond NRG, who brings nothing but creativity and passion to all he does. From his content creation to his gaming skills, Glitch is truly something special. We hope this blog has helped you get to know the man that stands behind the madness, and that you can see why we are so proud to have him as part of our team!

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