Posted On April 16, 2021

Hadz: Everything You’d Love To Know + Q&A

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My name is Hadz, and I’m 35. I’ve been streaming for around six years, but gaming since cartridges were still a thing… that was a long time ago, in case that wasn’t obvious. I primarily focus on FPS games and sim racing, so you will likely find me playing one of the top shooters, or competing in a 24-hour endurance race. Having said that, if a game is good, I’ll play it. I’m also Welsh, which must be a bonus?

Fun Facts / Quick fire: 

How old is Hadz? 35

Where is Hadz from? Wales, UK

What is Hadz’s real name? Andy (Andrew if you’re my mum)

Favourite Game? Battlefield

How many subscribers does Hadz have? Hadz has 20K Twitch followers and 7K YouTube subscribers 
What is Hadz day job? It’s a secret (But it’s not streaming)

Hadz favourite video game character: Gordon Freeman

Hadz favourite Beyond flavour: Wild Forest Fruit

What is Hadz’s favourite music genre: Rock 🤘🏼

Hadz favourite food: Chinese 

Q&A: We caught up with Hadz to ask him some of your burning questions! 

Q: What’s the story behind your gamer tag ‘Hadz’?
A: This is quite long-winded, so bare with me. It used to be ‘Hadouken’, but in most platforms such as Origin, it was always taken. I used to add ZZZ at the end (because I’m super-cool), but it just wasn’t ‘share-friendly’, so I eventually just shortened it.

Q: What got you into streaming and setting up a channel?
A: It was actually another streamer, or should I say streamers! I was inspired by a top channel called TwoAngryGamers. They’re good friends of mine, and watching them is what made me decide to start my own channel.

Q: Aside from gaming, do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?
A: I’ve recently started golf… and amazingly, it came from playing PGA 2K on stream. We started doing a sports day once a week, where we tried out various sports games. For some reason, we got addicted to golf as it’s just such a chill game. From that, I got some clubs, and I’ve started to learn how to play… I’m still very bad.

Q: What is your most memorable moment on stream? 
A: This one is tough, but most of them centre around Battlefield. Over the years, Battlefield has had some insane Easter eggs that take many people a lot of time to solve. I stream a lot of them where I can, and we’ve managed to crack a few while streaming. They are always incredible streams.

Q: How have you found lockdown? And have you got any advice for those who are struggling?
A: It’s been a weird one for me as we were in the process of selling an apartment and getting a house when the worst of it hit, so it’s been an added stress. Now we’re all moved though, have a garden and areas to walk. It’s become obvious to me how important it is to get out, even if it’s just for 30 minutes a day. I spent a lot of time in front of a computer, and we need to balance it out.

Q: What events are you looking forward to attending once everything re-opens?
A: I’d love to attend E3 one day as I’ve never been, but I don’t think it will ever be the event it once was. I would love to get to Gamescom next year if it’s on, as I’ve been a few times now, and it’s great to catch up with everyone.

Q: You are playing a few different games now, but what are you enjoying most and why?
A: I went through a bit of a Lul, if I’m honest. It happens from time to time. You don’t have a main game you enjoy, and rather you flick between them. I play a lot of iRacing, which I enjoy, and I’m usually found playing CSGO a few times a week. I’m just waiting for the next Battlefield to really get stuck into that.

Q: What part of your gaming setup can you not live without? Is there anything on your wish list for 2021?
A: The one thing I couldn’t live without any more would be my wireless mouse. When I was younger, I couldn’t even have imagined playing with a wireless mouse! In fact, I’d probably have scoffed at it. Now though, the G pro and other mice are just so good. I could never go back to a cabled mouse. Most of the new things I’d want would more than likely be Sim Racing related, but they’re also the most expensive…it’s always the case.

Q: What’s your favourite meme right now?
A: I’m still appreciating all the Jackie Weaver memes. If you’re not up to date on Jackie, you should be.

Q: What energy drinks did you drink before Beyond NRG, if any?
A: None really, apart from when I was attending a LAN event. I’d usually binge whatever energy drink I had at the time and then crash after the weekend was done.

Q: What do you love most about Beyond?
A: I just love the fact that it gives me a boost without the downside of a sugar crash. It helps that it tastes great too!

Before we let you go, we wanted to play a game of ‘Loot or Boot’. We’ll name it and you decide whether to stash it or dash it.

LimeWire – LOOT
Lady Gaga
Marianas Trench
Life In Lockdown
Toilet brush
Tinned Sardines
House Plants
Elon Musk
Boiled Eggs
Mumford And Sons
Rockstar (Energy)
Rishi Sunak
Rich Tea Biscuits

Beyond NRG Summary 

Hadz is a fantastic variety streamer, and we love having him as part of the Beyond family, even if he loots our supply of Rich Tea biscuits! We highly recommend checking out his channels, enjoying his streams and being part of his fast-growing community. Head over to our community page to find his live stream right now!

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