Posted On April 23, 2022

Increase your mental performance and get more from 2022

By Jax

It’s no secret that the current digital generation faces a colossal amount of pressure! Many of us are constantly under scrutiny to perform and excel in every aspect of our lives. This can take its toll, both mentally and physically

And that’s where Beyond NRG comes in – as a mental performance drink that helps you perform at your peak level. It contains a combination of ingredients that have been shown to help improve mental clarity, focus, and energy levels.

What sets Beyond apart from traditional energy drinks, and what impact does this digital era have on our generation?

Energy drinks have been in circulation since 1962 when ‘Lipovitan D’ appeared on the market. Created by a Japanese company named Taisho, ‘Lipovitan D’ contained extra vitamins and caffeine and was marketed as medicinal tonics. The addition of taurine and niacin in their drink was said to enhance the improvement of energy and concentration.

Since then, we’ve seen many drinks hit the scene, most notably ‘Red Bull’, founded in 1984. With talent sponsorships spanning billions of pounds, they’ve dominated every corner of the sports and extreme sports scene ever since.

And the key takeaways here are the ingredients and what they stand for. Companies have been generating products to ease us over the barriers of physical energy for decades, so isn’t it about time someone came at this industry from a different angle. An amended agenda to solve another issue… Mental performance.

Bottle of Lipovitan D in mans hand
Lipovitan D | Image: Google
Floating can of Red Bull in street
Red Bull | Image: Google

We live in a prime and digital generation, with advancements in tech the world has never seen before. We rely on our digital environments now more than ever. It covers our personal lives and our working week and holds a consistent pressure to move with the times and perform at our best.

Whether you’re an accountant or game developer – your fate relies on how you perform under this demand. How well we can adapt and what we creatively produce have significant effects on our lives in many ways.

The digital age we live in exists, and it’s going nowhere.

In 1988 Microsoft Mail arrived. In 1990, the first website appeared. In 1995 we saw MSN for the first time. In 1998, Google was founded. In 2004, Facebook became a thing. In 2007, Twitch became a platform. And in 2019, COVID hit, and understandably our lives became even more digitally orientated yet challenging.

Working from home was the new normal, and so now more than ever, we rely heavily on the tech around us to communicate, work, shop and salvage at least a little fun during the tough times. Let’s face it, we can’t escape the digital generation we reside in. It’s a massive element of our lives and will inevitably remain this way for years to come.

So I guess it’s more important than ever that we have items in our lives to just make things that little bit easier. To keep us going when all else seems to fail. Putting down your tenth cup of coffee and replacing it with something that contains a hoard of beneficial ingredients is the way forward!

Digital generation - Hand connecting with technology
Digital Generation | Image: Shutterstock

Are our devices already an extension of ourselves?

Our mobile phones and devices have evolved over the last 20 years and have become an almost bionic extension of ourselves. We live in a world where it would seem almost impossible to function without them. Elon Musk famously suggested with the announcement of his Neuralink device that the slowest part of our data connection and transfer in this era is between technology and ourselves. That pass-through is the actual area that needs to see improvement. And with the help of products such as Beyond, we aim to improve that pass-through.

This seems fitting as I sit here writing this blog with the sudden realisation of how true this is. My desktop computer is as fast as possible, my connections are wired, and internet speeds are ridiculous. The slowest part is the content generation, connecting paragraphs one at a time, and my typing speed. That’s all on me, as the user. So I drink Beyond, hoping that I’ll see improvements, more fluidity and fewer typos. I’m winning so far!

400g tub of Wild Forest Fruits by Beyond NRG
Wild Forest Fruits | Image: Beyond NRG

The concept behind the creation of Beyond.

It all started with a simple idea… Could we produce a drink similar to pre-workout but for mental performance, clarity and concentration? Something that would aid the digital generation, the gamers, the creatives, into achieving levels they never thought possible. Something that could keep us going through the endless rigmarole of emails, content creation, gaming, and day-to-day workload. Could we do this and challenge the traditional energy drinks market? Could we outperform them when it came to mental performance? What if we took it a step further and produced it sugar-free? Yes, yes and yes. We took the challenges and rose to them like a moth to the flame.

So, what ingredients does Beyond contain?

  • Coffeine®: To help you focus and maintain mental clarity.
  • Nootropics: To support cognitive function and memory recall.
  • Vitamins: Essential for a healthy lifestyle.

All of which have been shown to improve mental performance. But what’s different about Beyond is the lack of taurine. Taurine is an amino acid commonly found in energy drinks and is linked to improving physical performance. This lack of taurine means we’ve been able to include more of the ingredients we feel matter to our consumers. And it’s for this reason, Beyond is geared toward mental performance over physical activity.

We’ve no need to produce yet another drink that claims physical benefits; there are drinks out there for everyone, and their nan already claiming this. We knew we needed to craft something different, something beneficial for an audience of millions that observe the digital era we live in.

Green coffee beans - unroasted
Green Coffee Beans | Image: Shutterstock

Did you misspell caffeine?

Yes, I did. But it’s intentional. Caffeine is the official spelling; however, Coffeine® is a registered trademark and is the form of caffeine used in Beyond. Coffeine® is a naturally derived, powdered caffeine extract made from coffee beans. It’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and suitable for kosher, vegan and vegetarian diets. It’s also a water-soluble form of caffeine, meaning it’s absorbed faster by the body and has been shown to improve mental performance!

If you’re interested in learning more about why we decided on this specific form of caffeine, check out our previous blog dedicated to the topic.

Ashwagandha powder in bowl
Ashwagandha | Image: Shutterstock

Wait, what are nootropics?

Ok, are you ready for some scientific lingo? Nootropics are considered cognitive enhancers, also known as smart drugs, and have been shown to improve various aspects of mental performance. They work by increasing the supply of neurotransmitters in the brain or protecting them from damage. Nootropics can help with memory recall, focus and motivation. Beyond contains multiple nootropics; L-Theanine, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Choline Bitartrate, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and of course, KSM-66® Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha is one of our favourites; in fact, there’s an entire blog article on our site dedicated to it and its benefits.

“Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that grows in India and other parts of the world and is one of the most well-researched herbs out there, with over 600 studies done on its various benefits. With this much research, it’s no wonder the herb’s popularity is rising.”

This combination of nootropics blended with our formulation of Coffeine® and vitamins helps Beyond stand miles above its competitors. Not only do we provide you with a drink that contains them all in one place, we even include more of these ingredients to heighten the benefits and start you on your journey of mental performance excellence!

Oranges stacked and packed with Vitamin C
Crate Of Oranges | Image: Shutterstock

Why do I need vitamins, though?

We all know vitamins are essential for our health, but did you know that they’re also necessary for mental performance? Yep, that’s right. Vitamins help to protect the nervous system and support cognitive function. So why not include them?

So, Beyond really is the mental performance drink of the digital generation?

We like to think so. We’ve crafted a drink that we believe will help the digital generation perform at their peak. It’s time to bridge the gap of slow-go connections between ourselves and our devices. Whether you’re studying for exams, working on a big project or presentation, or just need an extra mental edge, Beyond can most certainly help.

Mental Performance Drink - Beyond NRG
Bloodberry | Image: Beyond NRG


So there you have it, everything you need to know about Beyond and what makes it a mental performance drink. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on social media or on our website. And be sure to pick up a tub (or ten) the next time you’re on the store page; you’ll thank us later! Until then, thanks for reading.

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