Posted On July 13, 2021

MrGregles: Everything about Greg Storey + 5 Fun Facts!

By Beyond


Hi, I’m MrGregles – or Greg!

I have been streaming on Twitch for over four years and was lucky enough to make it my full-time job back in 2019! Before I was a streamer, I worked as a professional Visual effects artist and have worked on several films you may have seen.

I have been drumming for nearly 13 years and fell in love with the instrument when I was 15. My aim in streaming is to create the best produced and most technologically advanced show on the planet.

5 Fun Facts about Greg Storey!

1: MrGregles can do a very accurate but also very disturbing Elmo voice impression.

2: MrGregles LOVES spicy food and actually eats hot chillies as snacks!

3: Greg Storey (MrGregles) has been on six documentaries about Tourette’s Syndrome in his life, the first one seen by over 2 billion people around the planet ‘Tourettes And Me’ when he was only eight years old.

4: MrGregles is petrified of the dark, but not what is in the dark… more the absence of light. “Shadows scare me. Weird, right?”

5: MrGregles favourite game ever is ‘Black and White’ from Lionhead Studios; it took him 12 years to complete! (It’s REALLY hard btw)


How old is Greg Storey? 27

Where is MrGregles from? United Kingdom

What is MrGregles real name? Gregory Storey

How many Twitch followers does MrGregles have? 49.4K

MrGregles favourite Beyond flavour: Mango, Pineapple and Blood Orange

What is MrGregles favourite music genre? Drum & Bass

MrGregles favourite food: Sushi

MrGregles favourite film: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen


Q: What got you into making drumming videos and setting up a channel?
A: I started Twitch because of a friend who asked me to join him playing games. After my company had collapsed, I needed a distraction from how I was feeling. So along with a few other friends, we formed a group called Profane Gamers and streamed playing things like DayZ, PUBG and GTA.

However, I am not the best gamer, and my channel never had any viewers. I also didn’t find game streaming that enjoyable, so I told my friend I was throwing in the towel. He suggested I try drumming! I never thought anyone would watch, but I gave it a go, and my first stream had 17 viewers! It blew me away; everyone who joined was so positive, so I decided to make it a regular thing… the rest is history!

Q: We love watching drummers play. What do you think it is about drumming that is so captivating to watch?
A: Drumming is so physical. As a drummer, you exude energy and that power transfers to your audience. If you put out energy, people will give it back, creating a cycle of push and pull, feeding the performance and audience. Plus, drums are such an intense instrument to play in their sound and feel. They can go from soft and calming to angry in seconds, which can be captivating.

Q: What is your most memorable moment on stream?
I had been streaming for two and a half years, trying to raise enough money to build the studio I now use every day. I had spoken with my community and put up an insane goal of 12.5 thousand pounds. I thought it would take a year or more to raise. However, my community smashed the goal in just three weeks!

The day we met the target on stream, I will never forget. We were sitting halfway towards the goal, at £6200. In that one stream, there was over £7000 donated, and it broke me. I was in tears at that very moment when we reached the goal, and somebody made the last £500 donation.

A dream that I had as a child had just become possible. It is the reason I work so hard on my content. To make my community proud and to constantly say thank you for the utterly mind-blowing support they have given me over the years.

MrGregles - In Stream on Twitch

Q: Aside from drumming, do you have any other hobbies?
LOTS! I am an artist and have been selling my work since the age of 10. I draw, paint, sculpt in clay, rollerblade and ice skate. I love to play games, too, specifically RTS.

I like to cook and spent a lot of time designing my dishes as I enjoy the refinement process. I am a trained skydiver and have done over 30 jumps. I also LOVE making sandcastles on the beach!

Q: Have you got any advice for anyone looking at getting into streaming?
A: I have a lot of advice and offer a service to streamers who are serious about their channels to help them learn techniques to improve their content and grow.

However, my best piece of advice is to limit yourself to specific stream lengths. When you first start, it can be tempting to stream for hours and hours on end. This is a big mistake lots of people make, causing you to burn out extremely quickly.

Plus, you will never get past a certain viewer count, as people won’t stay for a 9-hour game session. Keep it shorter and of better quality. A 3-hour stream where you are fully engaged with your chat and audience is far better than a 9-hour stream of subpar entertainment just because you got tired! You will enjoy the streams more and look forward to doing them!

Q: Is there a particular genre that you enjoy playing the most, and why?
A: I adore drum and bass. The higher tempos and complex drumbeats are incredibly enjoyable to play. Plus, it requires you to be precise in your playing to create the correct sounds and endurance to play a whole song. I love the challenge, and nothing beats a bit of Pendulum!

Q: Your setup is insane! What part/s of your setup could you not live without and why?
A: Well, it would have to be the drums. Without my drums, I wouldn’t have anything I have today in streaming. While all my cameras and PCs are great, my stream began with a single cam and mono. It was the drums that people came for and enjoyed! They are the heart and soul of what I do.


Q: Who is your biggest inspiration for drumming?
A: Craig Blundel. Most people will never have heard of him, but you will have heard his playing. He is one of the world top session drummers. I met him when I started drumming at a local music shop where he demoed Roland drum kits. His performance blew me away and inspired me to push hard to become a better drummer. I am fortunate to take lessons from him, and he has been my teacher for nearly eight years.

Q: You told us that drumming was almost a therapy for you. Can you tell us some more about that?
A: Drumming stops my Tourettes! When I sit down at the kit, my tics disappear. So I drum as much as possible! I can relieve my condition and enjoy making music, helping me keep my sanity when my Tourettes gets bad. Plus, if you have had a bad day, there is nothing better than hitting some drums to eliminate any frustration!

Q: Tell us about the fundraising you have done in the past and the charities that you are supporting?
A: I have done several marathon drum streams for charities. The main ones have been for Tourettes Action. A charity that supports people with the same condition as me.

The second is Special Effect. Helping disabled gamers have access to playing games with custom controllers and setups. Then finally, Make a Wish. For each of these charities, I drummed for 12 hours or more! It was hard work but worth it for such good causes!

Q: What is the emoji at the top of your list (be honest)?
A: The laughing emoji… I am ashamed of how much I use it… for everything 😂

Q: You have an unlimited budget. What equipment would you buy to add to your tech collection?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: I already have plans for what I want to do next. I want to buy a warehouse with a 1Gb/s fibre internet connection and convert the whole thing into the most advanced streaming space on the planet. I would have a recording studio, open performance spaces, gaming setups, you name it! The concept is a place for streamers to come together. Create the content of your dreams without any tech restrictions! As for the tech, I would buy. There are components and cameras out there that the streaming world isn’t aware even exist, so naturally, I would buy them all!

One day I will achieve this. Until then, I would be happy with a slow-motion camera!

Q: What energy drinks did you drink before Beyond NRG, if any?
A: I have consumed Monster for a while. I was not too fond of it; the comedowns were awful. I tried Red Bull once, and never again. I hate the taste and have no idea how people drink it!

Q: What do you love most about Beyond?
A: Basically, the drinks taste good, and there is no comedown! As a drummer, I need to be constantly on the ball, both mentally and physically. A comedown from an energy drink can and has killed streams in the past. With Beyond, that doesn’t happen, and since I started drinking it on stream, I have had a better time, so has my audience!


We are super proud to be working with MrGregles – Gregory Storey, and supporting his channel. We love the energy and passion that he puts into every stream and the respect that he has for his community. Not to mention his setup, which has blown all of our minds here at Beyond HQ, we will be admiring these shots for the foreseeable!

Greg really is a team player and does incredible charity work too, head over to his pages and give him a follow now, you won’t regret it! You can find MrGregles on our community page, where you can watch his stream, and check out his favourite Beyond flavour!

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