Posted On July 4, 2022

Rix.GG Join Beyond NRG: Exclusive Interview

By Beyond

“Beyond NRG’s way of changing the game and rewriting the formula is something that I’ve personally aspired to do in my esports career as well as being a goal here at Rix. I’m incredibly excited to work with a brand that I’ve loved for so long, and also to get the chance to work with such a great team.

Zack Chandler – CGO

We’re “Beyond” excited to announce our newest esports partner, the esports pioneers, Rix.GG!

Here at Beyond, we’re constantly looking to support the growth of British esports, whilst cementing ourselves as the go-to drinks partner for any organisation looking to go that extra mile for their teams. With that in mind, let’s see what the amazing Rix.GG has to say about partnering up with Beyond!

Who are Rix.GG?

Rix.GG is the inclusive UK and European focused esports organisation that strives to tackle esports as an industry in new ways.

How did you get started and what’s the vision for Rix.GG?

Rix.GG was formed by a team of investors and individuals with a long background in the industry. The ideology since day one has always been to do things differently and prioritise people, which is something that will stay with us as we continue to grow. Our aim is to continue pushing the awareness and importance of inclusion in the industry, as well as providing opportunities for new and exciting takes on things that could very well do with an update. Rix.GG is also now part of a larger organisation called X1Esports.

What games do you compete in?

Currently, we have teams in League of Legends: Wild Rift and Valorant, both of which are long-standing titles at Rix.

How many people are involved in Rix.GG and what are some of their roles? 

In total, we’re a small family of 10 that are at work behind the scenes. We have a team of Senior Management that consists of the department heads (Pro Gaming, Social Media, Operations), as well as a focus on our creative department with the likes of our graphic designer and video editor. We also have 3 streamers with us currently that have always been passionate about what we are trying to build.

Of those involved, how many are pro players?

In total, we have 14 individuals that constitute our professional teams. This consists of 6 players for our Female and Marginalised gender Valorant team, 6 players for our Wild Rift team and the 2 coaches that are working closely with them.

Beyond NRG - Rix.GG Blog 2022 Blog - Team Strategy
Rix.GG – Strat it out | Image: Rix.GG

Describe a typical day in the life of one of your pro players?

Thanks to the work of our support staff, our players have developed a healthy and constructive day whether it’s team time or their own time. The formula that seems to work best is three healthy meals, 4-5 hours of gametime and then wind down before a decent night’s sleep.

How do the team prepare for a big event?

In the build-up to a big event, our teams focus on the strategic approach to the tournament. Our coaches and managers worked with the players to go through VOD’s of likely opposition to try and formulate the best strategy to counter them. We have the advantage of having experienced players that have attended numerous tournaments which can help prepare the players for the start of their journey.

From a senior standpoint, how do you ensure your team is always performing at their best?

The obvious answer is making sure they have everything they could need to perform, but I think it goes beyond that. Establishing a relationship with the players and learning what drives them will give them another reason to strive for success. If the player feels appreciated and not just like they’re an asset then they’ll work harder and have more pride in everything around them.

What does Rix.GG look for when bringing new players to the roster?

Personality is a very big part of what we find desirable as it spans across their attitude as a player all the way to their presentation as a public figure. There will always be a mix of personalities in a team but that just generates a better learning environment and will even be considered in the trialling process for new players; what can this player add to the team on a level more than skill?

What makes Rix.GG such a revered team on the global gaming stage?

We believe that having our two teams being in contention for top 10 global ranking in their respective titles definitely demonstrates our skill level, but I think the atmosphere we are trying to create here also adds to our teams being taken seriously at the highest level of play. In all titles we’ve been in so far we’ve pushed the limits of some of the best teams and players around and we know that people don’t forget that.

What are some of your best highlights to date?

It’s a close battle between our Wild Rift team recently competing in Rix’s first World Championship at the Icons tournament in Singapore, and Rix being the first European organisation to pick up a Valorant team to represent female and marginalised genders. We’ve had a lot of firsts with our Valorant team and we like to believe it’s had a positive impact on other organisations that have gone to pick up teams, and a lot of this stemmed from the creation of the Huntress Trials which was the first serious platform for a demographic that had yet to be granted the opportunities.

Beyond NRG - Rix.GG Blog 2022 Blog - Team photo
Rix.GG – Team photo | Image: Google

What leagues and tournaments do you currently compete in?

Now that our Wild Rift journey in Singapore has ended, we’re going through a long debrief to best assess what we need to come back stronger next time. For our Valorant team, we are full steam ahead for the next VCT Game Changers event to try and qualify for our second World Championship.

The landscape of esports has evolved over the past few years, will it ever overtake physical sporting events and what does this mean for gaming fans?

The advantage of esports in comparison to physical sports is there is an increase in its accessibility and inclusion. This can be either multiple gaming cafes opening around the world (such as Belong Gaming Arenas) or even tournaments that are structured to specific in-game skill levels. We’re starting to see more and more stadiums and venues packed out with esports fans watching the Major events live, with more and more venues to hold such activities in planning. Honestly, there’s a very high chance that the esports industry will continue to grow at the rapid rate it is and definitely contend with the structure of physical sporting competition.

VCT Stage 3 | Image: Google

With nutrition at the forefront of many teams nowadays, how do you stay one step ahead?

We are very fortunate to have support staff that are well clued up on the requirements to maintain a balanced lifestyle. We’ve also been working with an incredible performance coach (Dr Michelle Pain) who has brought academic understanding to share why it’s all so important. The combination of both is our attempt to ensure that our teams and our staff are equipped to tackle what is quite frankly a difficult job.

How important is mental performance when it comes to gaming?

I can safely say that mental performance and care is something that is a big priority here at Rix. The hardest part will be seeing your team take a loss that crushes them, however that is then combated with the screams of joy when they win and prove their calibre. Regardless of which outcome we are faced with, we make sure we provide whatever possible to our players or staff to ensure they have, or develop, the fortitude to deal with the highs and lows.

Do you believe that energy supplements help maintain levels of mental performance?

In an industry that is dependable on reaction times and positive energy, supplements will be a way to ensure those two traits are a given instead of a ‘good day’. It’s the same with taking general health supplements to make sure your body performs the way it needs to. If there’s something that you are able to do, that’s within the rules of the games, that can take you to the next level then it should be a big focus.

Beyond NRG - Rix.GG 2022 Blog - Winners
Winning Team | Image: Rix.GG

How excited are you to be partnering with us here at Beyond NRG?

Beyond NRG is a brand that we’ve followed since its early stages and have been inspired by how game changing it’s been as a product and a brand. This is something that we feel fits incredibly well with our own brand and views and we think it’s the perfect partnership. We’re always excited to see what’s happening next for Beyond, and now we have the opportunity to be at their side when it happens.

How do people get involved and show their support for Rix.GG?

We’re active on all social media platforms with a particular fondness for Twitter. We have our website where you can keep up to date with all of our updates (believe it or not, it’s Rix.GG). We love interacting on social media and having our community that are there through the ups and downs.

And finally, what’s on the horizon for Rix.GG in 2022/23?

Over this year and the next, we’ll be having a big focus on creating content that delves more into our players and our views on what we want to achieve, our continued drive to excel in the titles we’re in and of course expansion (or return) into the games we all know and love.

Welcome to the family!

We’re super happy to be working with a pioneering team like Rix. They follow an ethos and share goals very close to Beyond’s and we cannot wait to give them all they need to push their teams past their next level.

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