Posted On March 2, 2021

RIZE Gaming: What you need to know about Beyond NRG’s new partner!

By Beyond

We have just joined forces with RIZE Gaming, becoming the latest addition to our team partnership roster. Another exciting step for Beyond NRG! They are the premier fighting organisation for fighting games In the UK, with global outreach and boasting dozens of teams and achievements. Here is a roundup of everything there is to know about RIZE.

What is RIZE Gaming?

RIZE is a gaming club that blends all aspects of Esports, Events, Content and Community!

How did RIZE begin?

After owner Mike, aka “EXGaiden”, retired from playing Counter-Strike competitively (then mostly known as “z”), he got together with some friends and ex-teammates and created the RIZE tag in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as nothing more than a cool name.

Over time the competitive bug returned. During a few semi-successful skirmishes in national leagues and cup wins, the team decided to open up to multiple games, becoming an Esports organisation!

How many RIZE players and streamers are there?

Currently, they have 13 players, including Pro and grassroots! In addition, they have 25 content creators forming part of their wider community hub, which they call their “Unity Division”!

In what games do the Players compete?

They’ve competed in many games over the years, from MOBAs to FPS, and are always on the hunt for new challenges. Currently, they have successful divisions for Tekken, Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat & Samurai Shodown. 

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RIZE 2020 Highlights

One highlight that stands out most is RIZE hosting their TV show on Ginx TV named “Final Boss”. It aired in the UK (Sky TV Channel 433), Canada and South Africa! You can check the Twitch VOD here:

Lockdown has allowed them to concentrate on their Unity division, bringing in fresh faces for content and community collaboration.

RIZE also saw a very dominant run of tournament results in 2020, which saw them win multiple competitions in different games throughout the year. Specifically, two of their Tekken 7 players, imortalXsoul & Dante, were also featured in the official Tekken Online Challenge as the only UK representatives. Both players won their series against very notable and prestigious players.

We contacted the CEO of RIZE, Mike. R, to answer some of your burning questions!

What are you most excited about in 2021?

‘We’re looking forward to creating even more exciting moments, and we’re planning the next Final Boss, and our tournament players are gathering pace in their preparations for an offline tournament return in the second half of the year.

We believe we will come out of lockdown stronger than we went in, and with our like-minded partners, we think we can have a strong engagement with the esports scene together!’

How can someone join RIZE Gaming?

‘We are continually scouting across a multitude of games, and we cast a very wide net in the games we look at, and our experience over the years in many titles gives us a strong eye for talent.

We also accept applications to ensure we haven’t missed anyone that deserves a look!’

You can apply via

Why did you choose Beyond NRG?

‘We have taken special note of Beyond’s engagement in the games we’re involved in recently, especially Mortal Kombat, and we’re excited by the history behind the brand. CEO Billy Webb has an obvious passion for esports, and his background mirrors that of myself, and in that, we’re very excited by the prospect of working together.’

To learn more about RIZE, visit their partner page here.

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