Posted On March 19, 2021

Captain Falcore: Everything You’d Love To Know + Q&A

By Beyond


Content Creator, live streamer and general mad man! Hello, my name is Falcore, Captain Falcore. I host a YouTube channel where I delve into the lore surrounding the game Sea Of Thieves and a Twitch channel where I get up to all sorts of nonsense and shenanigans.

I have been a full-time content creator for 4 years now. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to turn my hobby and passion, into my full-time job. I used to be a graphic designer for a popular media company where my skills were never really put to the test. But now I can create and cast whatever I like, and in the process, I have been able to collect an incredible community.

I consider myself family friendly and very approachable by any age range. But beware, I’m a blackbelt in the art of trolling, so it’s probably best you just don’t believe anything I say!

Fun Facts / Quickfire:

How old is Captain Falcore? Not 41

Where is Captain Falcore from? United Kingdom

What is Captain Falcores real name? Cuthbert Dingleberry Snoot-spleen (this might be a lie 👀)

Favourite Game? Sea Of Thieves

How many subscribers does Captain Falcore have? Captain Falcore has 135K YouTube followers and 80,000 followers on Twitch

What is Captain Falcores day job? Content Creator

Captain Falcores favourite video game character: Sonic The Hedgehog

Captain Falcores favourite Beyond flavour: Strawberry Watermelon & Lime

What is Captain Falcores favourite music genre? Classic Rock!

Captain Falcores favourite food: A STUPIDLY hot curry

Q&A: We caught up with the Captain to ask him some of your burning questions!

Q: What’s the meaning behind ‘Captain_Falcore’, and how big of a fan are you of the ‘The NeverEnding Story’?
A: Huge fan of NeverEnding Story. Based my channel all around it, with Falcore (Or Falkor as it’s supposed to be spelt) being a luck dragon and his tagline being “Never give up and good luck will find you” it fits very well with the games I play. And much like the books and the movie, what I do is truly a Never-Ending Story.

Q: What got you into making YouTube videos and setting up a channel?
A: I’ve always been interested in media production throughout my whole life. And before becoming a content creator I used to work for a media and graphic design company that didn’t really put my skills to the test. I’ve always made YT videos as a hobby, but once the traffic started to come my way, and the money began to roll in I was able to turn my passion into my fulltime job!

Q: A pirate is nothing without his banana, but we want to know what part of your setup couldn’t live without, and why?
A: That would have to be my Stream Deck or should I say Stream DECKS. I have 2 set up to bring extra overlays and voice changers to my livestreams. They’re also incredibly helpful for quick tasking programs outside of streaming. Other than that, it would have to be my Microphone… my precious.

Q: What is your most memorable moment on stream?
A: Getting to sail with the developers of Sea of Thieves, twice now in-fact. I love the guys who produce the game and it was an honour to sail with them.

Q: Aside from gaming, do you have any other hobbies?
A: I love music, and love to produce music. Most of the music you hear in my videos aside from in-game music is produced by myself. I have a dusty cupboard filled with some of the strangest instruments that challenge me to make inspiring ditties!

Q: Have you got any advice for anyone looking at getting into streaming?
There is no fast-track way to get big in both streaming and content creation, those who say there is are lying. My best bit of advice for anyone starting out, is always engage with your viewers, and ALWAYS act like you are casting to thousands of people. Streaming is a mental strain, and you have to be on board with sometimes faking positive vibes even if things are not going the way you have planned.

Make a joke out of everything, and always be kind. People will come.

Q: Sea Of Thieves is your favourite game but what got you interested in playing it?
Pirates. A short answer. But pirates. I mean, c’mon, PIRATES!

Q: Can you shed some light on the shrouded ghost, is it a lie?
A: I’m sorry, Shredded Goat? A what?

The Shrouded Ghost Is A Lie – Captain Falcore – YouTube Video

Q: What character from the ‘Lost Boys’ do you resonate with most, and why?
Edgar Frog for sure. Conspiracy, getting up to no good, and then later in life making some really bad bands.

Q: Who do you take inspiration from on stream and are there any other channels that you’d recommend?
A: Personally, I love it when the chat becomes its own social hub. I love it when I see people all saying hello to each other, and just having a chat and good time.

As far as other streamers, Beardageddon, Boxyfresh, BehavingBeardly, Kaidawrath, Spammals, HealPleaseHeal and Krotukk to name a few, I could list hundreds, but all positive and unique people in their own way, love em!

Q: Be honest, what is the emoji at the top of your list?
A: 🐔

Q: You’ve recently acquired a ship, what are you calling it?
A: The Majestic Karen

Q: What energy drinks did you drink before Beyond NRG, if any?
Monster. Shhhyeeeeaaahhhhh, so you can image my surprise when I drank something that actually tasted nice like Beyond NRG. And of course, unlike Beyond, Monster is about 1 ingredient away from being paint stripper!

Wait, am I allowed to say that?! We’ll see!

Q: What do you love most about Beyond?
A: Unlike other energy drinks, I am yet to get a “crash” feeling after drinking it. I get a nice little buzz, but nothing overwhelming, and then can continue on with my day, without later feeling like a Jabba the Hutt when Princess Leia strangled him.

Before we let you go, we wanted to play a game of Walk The Plank. We’ll name it and you decide whether to keep it aboard, or to send it swimming!

Console Gaming – Keep on board

Seagulls – Walk the plank!

Cyberpunk 2077 – Keep on board

The Kraken – Walk the plank!

Marmite – Keep on board

Pewdiepie – Keep on board

Elton John – Walk the plank!

The English Channel – Walk the plank!

Celeb Chefs turned game show hosts – Walk the plank!

Working from Home – Walk the plank!

Bidets – Keep on board

Gardening – Walk the plank!

Jeff Bezos – Walk the plank!

Street Food – Keep on board

Johnny Depp – Keep on board

People who overuse “Ad-Hoc” – Walk the plank!

Red Bull – Walk the plank!

The Queen – Walk the plank!

Rammstein – Keep on board

Matt Hancock – Walk the plank!

Bitcoin – Walk the plank!

Beyond NRG Summary

We really love having Captain Falcore on board with us as an official Beyond NRG partner, we find his humour, community and knowledge of Sea Of Thieves, inspiring and entertaining. We would recommend checking out his channels and joining his community, and we will continue to support his content in to the future!

Click Here to view Captain Falcore on our community page where you can check out his favourite Beyond products and watch his stream.


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