Posted On August 13, 2022

The Top 5 Reasons We Love Sea of Thieves

By Jax

“Sea of Thieves is one of those unique games that has something for everyone.”

– Jax [Beyond NRG]

When it comes to video games, few have the same kind of pull as Sea of Thieves. Released in 2018, the game has captured the attention of millions of people worldwide with its unique blend of pirate adventure and co-operative multiplayer.

For Beyond NRG, working with the Sea of Thieves team has been an incredible experience. We’ve loved celebrating the game and all that it offers players, from its thrilling naval battles to its delightful sense of humour.

Beyond NRG - Sea of Thieves Blog - Season 7

What Is Sea of Thieves?

What can we say that hasn’t already been said? Sea of Thieves was released upon the world back in 2018 and has since taken the gaming community by storm. The game is a cooperative multiplayer adventure that tasks players with becoming the most infamous pirates on the high seas. The game is set in a shared world, meaning that players will encounter one another as they explore the various islands and landmarks – and this only adds to the diversity of its gameplay.

Although the game is now a huge success, it wasn’t always that way. Sea of Thieves had a rocky start, with many players complaining about the lack of content. The team at Rare listened to the feedback and quickly released a series of updates that added more things to do, see, and collect in the game. These updates breathed new life into the game and turned it into the phenomenon it is today.

The Open-World Map.

Sea of Thieves is filled with much to explore. The game’s map is dotted with islands, each one offering something different. There’s always something new to discover, from lush tropical paradises to eerie skeleton-filled caves. Players can also find hidden treasure chests and sunken ships containing valuable loot.

One of the best things about Sea of Thieves is that it’s always evolving. The Rare team constantly adds new content to the game, keeping players returning for more. With every update comes fresh content and contracts. These contracts task pirates with completing various challenges, such as finding a certain number of treasure chests or defeating skeleton captains.

Beyond NRG - Sea of Thieves Blog - Open Map

Community Drive.

Sea of Thieves has one of the most active and passionate communities in gaming. The game’s forums are filled with players sharing tips, stories, and artwork. There’s also a thriving community of content creators who produce Sea of Thieves-themed videos, stream the game on Twitch, and more.

The Sea of Thieves team always listens to feedback from the community and uses this feedback to shape the game’s future. For example, the Athena’s Fortune update was heavily influenced by player feedback. This is good news for any gamer, and I believe it’s something a lot of developers could learn a thing or two from!

The ‘Athena Colada’ One-Hour Stream.

For anyone still wondering what the community is like, have you checked out the stream we ran – for the launch of our very own ‘Athena Colada‘ – with some of Beyond’s highest regarded SoT streamers? The launch stream was initially over three hours long (condensed into just one hour) and hosted on behalf of Sea of Thieves, which saw some of the game’s most popular content creators come together to play the game. The team of three – ‘Spammals‘, ‘BehavingBeardly‘ and ‘Captain Falcore‘ – embarked on a historical adventure, and nothing could prepare them for what happened next.

The stream was hugely successful, with over 25,000 people watching the action. This adventure was just one example of the SoT community coming together to have a good time. If you missed out, watch it here.

Beyond NRG - Sea of Thieves Blog - Athena Colada

The Best Things To Do In SoT.

Ahhh, where do I start? Sailing for hours with your comrades, amusing yourself with sea shanties aboard your very own galleon, and completing tall tales just for the legendary storylines… Sea of Thieves is filled with things to see and do. Explore the game’s many islands, take on contracts from the Athena’s Fortune faction, battle skeleton captains, and much more. And if you ever get the chance to sail into the ‘Shores of Gold’ and eventually defeat ‘The Gold Hoarder’, prepare to get emotional!

What’s The Best Chest In Sea of Thieves?

This is a tough one, as Sea of Thieves has so many different chest types. However, if I had to pick just one, it would be the ‘Chest of Legends’ (of course)! It can only be obtained in a handful of ways, most notably through the completion of the ‘Athena’s Fortune Voyage’. This particular chest is filled with so much gold that it takes two pirates to carry it!

So, Here Are The Top Five Reasons We Love Sea of Thieves!

There are so many reasons to love Sea of Thieves. The game is continually expanding, the community is passionate and supportive, and there’s always something new to discover.

The art style is visually stunning.

I’ve always been a massive fan of the Sea of Thieves art style. The game’s world is incredibly detailed and vibrant, and the character designs are unique and eye-catching.

The music is super cinematic.

Sea of Thieves has one of the best soundtracks in gaming. The game’s central theme, “Adventure Awaits”, is an instant classic. The game also features a variety of other tracks, ranging from upbeat pirate songs to more atmospheric pieces.

There’s something for literally everyone.

Sea of Thieves is the perfect game for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pirate or a complete novice, there’s something for you to do in Sea of Thieves. The game also features a variety of difficulty settings, so you can tailor your experience to your own skill level.

There’s an open and inclusive community.

Sea of Thieves has an incredibly supportive and inclusive community. The game’s forums are filled with players sharing tips, stories, and artwork. There’s also a thriving community of content creators who produce Sea of Thieves-themed videos, stream the game on Twitch, and more.

Its developers actually listen to their fans.

The SoT team always listens to feedback from the community and uses this feedback to shape the game’s future. Take the Athena’s Fortune update; this was heavily influenced by player feedback – thumbs up, guys!

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You Never Know What’s Going To Happen.

The game is full of surprises. There’s always something new to discover, whether it’s a hidden cave, a sunken ship, or a rare chest. Every time you embark, you can look forward to a brand new story, a fresh chapter upon the seas.

Is that a friendly ship on the horizon or an enemy galleon steaming towards you? Will it be a banana-ridden, rum-dwelling adventure or a hell-driven, ship-sinking nightmare? Who knows!

Regular Twitch Drops.

If you’ve ever tuned into the likes of ‘BehavingBeardly‘, you’d have probably noticed just how regular and popular Twitch Drops are within the game. For those who don’t know, Twitch Drops are special in-game items that can be earned by watching Sea of Thieves streams on Twitch. All you need to do is link your Sea of Thieves account to your Twitch account and start watching! The drops usually consist of cosmetics like clothing and ship liveries, but sometimes you can find rare items like Athena’s Fortune treasure maps.

Beyond NRG - Sea of Thieves Blog - Twitch Drops

What’s New In The Season 7 Update?

The Sea of Thieves team has just released the game’s seventh major content update. The update introduces a new questline, a new enemy faction, and a host of other improvements and additions. Arguably, one of the most exciting is the introduction of player captaincy, which allows players to take on the role of ship captain and command their own crew! Improvements have also been made when it comes to trading, as well as the milestones for both pirate and captain; oh and you can even name your ship! For more details, hit this link.

Is There A Sea of Thieves Twitter Account?

Yes! You can find Sea of Thieves on Twitter at @SeaOfThieves. The account is run by the Sea of Thieves Community Team and is a great place to stay up-to-date on all things Sea of Thieves, including news, updates, and community content.

How Much Does SoT Cost?

Sea of Thieves is available for purchase on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and the Xbox Store. The game costs around £34.99 (GBP). All that game for the price of a 40-serving tub of Beyond!

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So there you have it – five reasons why we love Sea of Thieves! Sea of Thieves is a great game; we’ve only scratched the surface of what it offers. There are so many things to do and explore on the high seas, and we can’t wait to see what else Rare has in store for us. If you’ve been playing the game, what have you loved most about your time with Sea of Thieves? Let us know in the comments below, and happy sailing seafarers!

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