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Spammals: Everything You’d Love To Know + Q&A and 5 Facts

By Jax

As for why viewers tune into me, I truly don’t understand. I’m an idiot. I’m unapologetically idiotic on stream too. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not; I don’t pretend to be a god at the games. I embrace being an idiot and I speak my mind in an honest way.

– Spammals

The Intro.

Today, we introduce you to someone that some of you may already know. It’s the very lovable Twitch and Sea of Thieves Partner – Spammals. Hidden within this blog are some incredible and also rare Spammals facts, as well as some fascinating history behind our seafaring comrade. So, without further ado, let’s cue the bio…

The Bio.

Hi there, my name is Spammals, and I’ve been involved with content creation since 2015.

I first started on YouTube where from Jan 2016 to August 2019, I uploaded a video every single day! It was a challenge initially, juggling the day job and content creation but I was passionate about it and made it work (somehow). The string of daily uploads ended after a family event which prompted me to take a break. With the daily fixture broken, I felt the freedom to re-evaluate what I was doing creatively and so decided to embrace live streaming on Twitch. Over the past two years, I’ve been successful in earning partnerships with Twitch, Sea of Thieves and more notably Beyond NRG! Of whom I remain with to this day.

Of my most recent activities, I was very proud to team up with Captain Falcore & BehavingBeardly to assist Beyond with the creation and launch of ‘Athena Colada’, which I personally believe is the best flavour they’ve released to date! Additionally, I most recently helped organise and participated in a charity event called ‘Cursed Games’, raising money for “Save the Children” which went on to raise over $14,000! Which made me very happy.

The Facts.

1. I’m an idiot.

2. I play the guitar.

3. I’m an idiot.

4. I’m technically a professional Pirate which is kinda amazing.

5. I’m an idiot.

How old is Spammals? Apparently, he’s an “Old Man”.

Where is Spammals from?: United Kingdom

What is Spammals real name? He’s not saying it’s Batman, but it might be Batman.

Favourite Game? Sea of Thieves, of course.

How many subscribers does Spammals have? YouTube – 65.6k / Twitch – 16.6k

What is Spammals day job? Content Creator and Twitch Partner.

Spammals favourite Beyond flavour? Athena Colada!

What is Spammals favourite music genre? Alternative. Essentially, I like heavy music with melodic vocals.

Spammals favourite food? Pizza!

Spammals favourite film? I’m a huge lover of cinema and have this issue where I remember films but not their names. It’s hard for me to pick a singular film as an all-time favourite but in terms of a favourite horror film, it has to be the remake of ‘House on Haunted Hill’. The film hasn’t aged well but the concept is rock solid and every time I watch it, I remember how much it scared me as a youngling.

Q&A – We Shot The S*** With Spammals To Have Some Of Your Burning Questions Answered. Beware Of The “Pew Pew”.

Q: You’re famed for your antics upon the open seas, but what attracted you to Sea of Thieves initially?

A: I believe my first impression was the same as everyone else’s. “LOOK AT THE WATER!”. The trailers for Sea of Thieves got me BEYOND excited. The ability to not only sail a ship on a stunning ocean with beautiful landscapes but also live out the pirate fantasy with treasure and naval combat! I was instantly captivated and knew at that very moment, that this was going to be my game.

Q: Not only are you incredibly entertaining (and humble, and beautiful), but you also have the voice of an angel! Why else do you think your viewers tune into your streams?

A: I completely disagree about the voice of an angel! I’m an idiot that enjoys singing sea shanties! Of all the types of music, it’s the more welcoming of all to get involved with because of the gang’s vocal nature. Sailing the seas for hours at a time, every day, I can totally relate to why seamen sang songs.

As for why viewers tune into me, I truly don’t understand. I’m an idiot. I’m unapologetically idiotic on stream too. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not; I don’t pretend to be a god at the games. I embrace being an idiot and I speak my mind in an honest way. I believe I have nice core values and I think my viewers appreciate that about me. Be it sailing ships, getting scared in horror games, singing shanties, or playing the guitar. I always do so as myself, embracing all my flaws. No one is perfect, especially me!

Beyond NRG - Spammals - Sea of Thieves
Spammals’ Sea of Thieves Game Character | Image: Spammals

Q: As we know, you’re a staple in the SoT community, but what do you love best about the game?

A: As of 2022, I’d have to say the thing I enjoy most about the game is the naval combat. There’s no other game that does it like Sea of Thieves. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Two ships bouncing on the ocean, rocking and rolling in different directions at varying speeds. It takes certain skill and persistence to become accustomed to compensating movement and nailing your cannon shots.

It’s important to hit strategically. Own their cannon line, drill or chain their mast, suppress with blunder or fire and keep them as busy as you can while they fix themselves instead of attacking you. And then you follow up with the boarding party and ‘pew pew’ on their ship. It’s a fun sequence of events that never plays out the same way twice!

Q: You see a player’s ship emerging on the horizon, what are the first thoughts that go through your mind?

A: While assumptions are dangerous, data is important. So, my first thought process is “Ship type, Distance, Emissary, Cosmetics”. Knowing what ship type they are gives an expectation of crew size. Distance gives decision making time. Emissary can suggest if they’re likely to have something worth stealing. And cosmetics can be an indicator of their experience in the game but can be misleading, so it’s always just a footnote.

Q: Last month we saw you take part in the Beyond one-hour launch stream for Athena Colada… If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

A: Ultimately, I’m beyond happy with how ‘Athena Colada’ turned out. The entire team worked incredibly hard to make it the best Beyond to date. But with every creative endeavour, there’s always something that doesn’t make it across the finish line.

Helping launch ‘Athena Colada’ really was a life experience. During the planning phase, there was a lot of excitement about all the cool things we could do. Having focused on our vision, we pushed hard for something that would have been truly amazing. Something that everyone would have gone bananas for. But due to matters outside of our control, it wasn’t to be, and that will always be a huge disappointment for me.

If we could do it again, I would push hard to establish some of our more ambitious ideas in advance so we can take an already outstanding product and push it to the next level!

Beyond NRG - Spammals - Athena Colada
Athena Colada | Image: Beyond NRG

Q: What has been your most memorable moment on stream – of all time?

A: It’s not a specific moment but an overall feeling. I’m so incredibly thankful to my community. I come across as this super energetic happy guy but I’m human and have days where I’m feeling depressed. I try not to show it, but the community know, and they have taken care of me over the years. Their love and support are a special thing that nothing else comes close to. We celebrate the good times together; we mourn the sad times but ultimately, we’re always together.

Q: Have you got any advice for anyone looking at getting into streaming?

A: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. The internet is a huge place and I guarantee you there are people out there looking for someone just like you. It might take a day, a month, or a year but at some point, they’ll eventually find you. Don’t lose hope, don’t look at the view count. Just hit the record or go live button and do your thang! 

Q: Do you have any major streaming events coming up, and what do they look like?

A: With 2022 I wanted to push myself to do more. In the last four months alone, I’ve had the pleasure of playing part in four charity events, raising money for ‘Everyone Can UK’, ‘Save the Children’ & ‘Special Effect’. I was part of the ‘Athena Colada’ launch team and headed a project to re-create the SoT E3 2015 in-game trailer. I’ve been helping with the testing of an upcoming game called ‘Skull & Bones’. I took part in Season 1 of Sea of Thieves TV’s “Last Ship Standing” and I had the pleasure of visiting Rare’s studio.

I wanted to push myself but I feel I pushed a little too hard so my immediate future will be to take a break, get some air and reset before jumping back into more charity events and projects later in the year.

Q: Aside from sailing the seas, do you have any other hobbies?

A: As a lover of history and having previously worked in archival preservation and digitisation, I started my own ‘White Star Line’ maritime collection. Sadly, due to lack of space, I’ve had to move my collection into storage, but I have hundreds of photos, brochures and papers dating from the late 1800s to the 1940s.

Additionally, I’m a big lover of the Nintendo 64. I grew up with earlier consoles but when the N64 was released I was of an age that I could truly feel a sense of “this is my console”. It’s been a hobby for the past five years or so, but I hope to someday own a complete PAL boxed collection. To date, I have acquired 98 of the 244 games.

Beyond NRG - Spammals - Rare HQ Tavern
Spammals at Rare HQ | Image: Spammals

Q: With the launch of Athena Colada, you got the chance to visit the Rare HQ, tell us what that was like?

A: Visiting Rare was a once in a lifetime experience. Growing up with Rare games to find myself standing inside their studio was overwhelmingly exciting. I loved everything we did while on site and while red tape prevented us from releasing the footage of our visit, I hope someday it finds a way online.

Q: You have an unlimited budget, what equipment would you buy to add to your tech collection?

A: I’ve been fortunate over the past seven years to slowly upgrade my hardware to a point I have a pretty nice setup. That said if I could push it further, I’d like to upgrade my microphone. I currently use a Rode NT1-A XLR, and I swear by it. It’s a workhorse of a mic that doesn’t let you down! However, I’d really like to try the Shure SM7B mic.

Additionally, I love my office and how it looks on camera but would love the option to mount an Elgato green screen to further expand my creative options. For my retro gaming I’d like an updated Elgato capture card, and currently, I run three cheap 1080p monitors. I’d really like to get at least one 4k monitor. But that’s the thing about content creation. While there are always nice to haves out there one doesn’t truly need them. Over the past seven years, I’ve always tried to make the best of what I have around me.

Q: Your most used Discord emote, go!

A: I like to show love by reacting with the heart emote ❤️

Q: What energy drinks did you drink before Beyond NRG, if any?

A: Beyond was actually my first! Energy drinks in a general sense have a negative reputation of being bad for you, but then I became aware of Beyond and how they were different from all the others. I wanted to give it a chance and the rest is history! 😊

Q: What do you love most about Beyond?

A: The best thing about Beyond is that they’re real people. You can talk with them like humans without getting all business. Got a fun idea? Got a problem? Got an event suggestion? Their door is open 24/7 to talk about it.

Before We Let You Go, We Wanted To Play A Game Of ‘Barrel OR Blast’. We’ll Name The Items, And You Decide Whether To Barrel Them Or Blast Them.

Beyond NRG - Spammals - Barrel or Blast

And Finally, Can We Ask You For Your Fondest Memory Of Sea of Thieves?

So just before I earned a partnership with Sea of Thieves, I killed a thing of legends within the game called the ‘Shrouded Ghost’. It was a very thrilling moment for me, as people have played the game for over four years without ever seeing one! That same month I joined executive producer Joe Neate on a Sea of Thieves developer live stream, of which we ended up getting his final levels to reach “Pirate Legend”.

It was pretty cool seeing him dressed up in the PL clothing and then going down into the PL tavern together. I also made Partner with Sea of Thieves that same month and was invited to a partner-only invitational event. So yeah, that was a busy month I won’t forget anytime soon.

Beyond NRG - Spammals - Shrouded Ghost
Sea of Thieves – Shrouded Ghost | Image: YouTube

The Roundup.

We’ve reached the end of our time with Spammals, and we’d just like to say a huge thank you… Not only for his invaluable participation in the Beyond X SoT project but for everything he does for his fans and community. We’ve been tuning into Spammals streams for as long as we can remember, and we couldn’t be happier to have such an illustrious and honest character aboard the Beyond Sloop. His streams are endlessly creative, funny and above all entertaining! Spammals, your love for the SoT community and your following, Is aspirational and we wish you every success on all journeys beyond.

Click Here to view Spammals on our community page, where you can check out his favourite Beyond products and watch his stream live!

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