Posted On November 19, 2022

Stallion: Everything You Need To Know + Q&A and 5 Facts

By Jax

After being a free agent from the energy drink world for a while, I tried almost every product in the market. Tonnes of brands sent me their products to try, hoping that I would like them and ideally become a partner of their brand. Among these were Beyond NRG…

– Stallion

The Intro.

If you’re a fan of Twitch or even YouTube, you’ve probably seen Stallion’s name around! He’s a partnered streamer with almost 400,000 followers across his channels and is known for his bold humour, addictive energy and love of Call of Duty. In this blog, we’ll take a look at who Stallion is, what he streams, and everything we think you need to know about him. He’s a top lad with a heart of fold and unrivalled passion. We’ve also included a Q&A section and five fascinating facts about the streaming megastar. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Beyond NRG - Stallion Blog - On the decks

The Bio.

Hi guys! My name is Marco, aka Stallion, and I’m a 31-year-old (boomer) content creator, music business owner and lecturer from the East Midlands in the UK.

I’ve been a content creator for almost five years, doing it full-time for over four years. During this time, I’ve established a following of over 375,000 people across popular social media platforms, including Twitch, TikTok, YouTube and more. I focus mainly on upbeat, fast-paced FPS content and believe in bringing positive vibes to everything I do!

I have a degree in events management, leading me to several years of experience in events, hospitality, and sales before my streaming career. As for gaming, I’ve been playing since a very young age (which was a long time ago) … my first console was a PlayStation 1, shortly followed by a Gameboy colour 😃

My biggest achievements to date would be signing with a huge organisation (pending at the time of writing), buying my own house & dream car through streaming, establishing a music business, and hitting partners on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Oh, and in 2019 I became the 6th highest win streaker in the world, winning 1653 games in CoD, in a row, without a single loss. This took three months of streams to achieve and has been something I’m now known for!

When coming to a Stallion stream, make sure to expect the following; Upbeat music (, FPS gameplay especially Call of Duty, positive vibes and tons of interactions within the chat.

The Links.

The Facts.

1. I used to play drums in a heavy metal band and still own an electric drum kit which I play on occasion.

2. I used to train in the street & break dance and use to be part of the Sheffield Hallam Street and breakdance society, dancing against other universities.

3. My music business all started because my business partner taught me how to DJ (at a very basic level), and we found a gap in the copyright music industry.

4. Both of my parents and all my family are Italian, and we used to visit parts of Italy and Sicily every year. – The first ever game I played on PS1 was a dinosaur simulator where all you could do was move its head and make it roar.

How old is Stallion? 31

Where is Stallion from? East Midlands/Northamptonshire

What’s Stallion’s real name? Marco

How many followers does Stallion have? 375K and climbing

Stallion’s favourite Beyond flavour? Wild Forest Fruits

Stallion’s favourite music genre? Upbeat Bumpy House Music

What is Stallion’s favourite meal? Pasta

Stallion’s favourite film? Snatch

Q&A: 2022 Has Been A Sign Of Bigger Things To Come, But What’s Next For Stallion?

Q: Can you describe your entire streaming career in less than 200 words?

A: Absolutely mental! From starting just for fun with a potato PC to learning my potential. I’ve developed the most incredible and supportive community possible and achieved so much since just starting. I wouldn’t change this career for the world.

Q: Your community arguably one of the best out there? Are they a source of your inspiration for success, and what would you say to them that you haven’t already?

A: They are a massive inspiration for me. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve or have anything that I have right now if it wasn’t for them. I tell them this every day, but I’m truly thankful for everything and for allowing me to live my dream out here.

Q: You’ve been creating Call of Duty content for a while now, but what keeps you returning to the game after all these years?

A: I ask myself this every day (just kidding). But I’ve been playing CoD now since CoD 4 (2007). It’s forever been my favourite game, with fast-paced multiplayer, gun grinding and more. I’ve always been a fan of Infinity Ward and Treyarch’s work, and it’s got me to meet some of my best friends over the years. Now I get to make content and live my dream career through it too.

Q: Since your partnership with Beyond, your fans have been calling for your very own flavour. Tell us what that would look like through your eyes.

A: I know damn well that my community would LOVE a Stallion flavour. This is something that we’ve been discussing for a while. Here are some details;

Flavour Name: Stallifornia.

Flavour Profile: Either tropical or like an apple and blackcurrant, as that’s my favourite taste combo.

Flavour theme: Exotic kind of tropical vibe, which gives the upbeat feeling of being on holiday.

Q: Can you describe your most historical streaming moment? Something that has stuck with you ever since.

A: The day I handed my notice into my job and began pursuing this as a full-time career. I’ll never forget getting home that day knowing that I’d made one of the biggest decisions in my life, and here we are 4+ years down the line, and it’s still the best decision that I ever made.

Q: Many people are out there looking to make a career in streaming/gaming. What advice do you have for them?

A: Start by just having fun with it. If you’re consistent, work hard and find your gap in the market, then you can easily make a career from it. Understand that it is a LOT of hard work and responsibility as everything falls on YOU. It’s a lot to deal with, but it’s worth every second.

Q: Last week, you Tweeted you had news that would make “2023 by far the biggest year”. Can you tell us more?

A: Oh, man… Well, at the time of writing this, I’m waiting to sign the dotted line, but I’m currently on the verge of signing with a gigantic organisation which will take my career and exposure to the next level! Stay tuned.

Q: Separate from gaming but closely linked, you’re a Managing Director at Steanside… for those unaware, what exactly is Steanside?

A: Steanside is an all-in-one copyright-free music solution for creators, businesses, entrepreneurs and more to get the most out of their music. We offer playlists, events and more for creators whilst also assisting businesses in making their sales more effective. We’re a company designed to provide a convenient service in an industry under DMCA and label chokehold.

Q: Last week, we saw the introduction of Twitter Blue. What are your honest thoughts on the subscription, and what helped you push the button to activate it?

A: I will take any stance to help grow my business. Regardless of the checkmark or not, I saw the positives of Twitter Blue for the 1080p videos, tweet edits, reply section priority and more and knew I couldn’t miss out. It was a no-brainer for me.

Q: You’re partnered with ASUS ROG! How do you go about landing a partnership of that calibre? And what advice would you give those pushing for sponsorships?

A: Funnily enough, this partnership began because of some freelancing projects I’d completed for them. I did some sponsorship stuff, and after two or three projects, I contacted them about working together within a partnership space. They agreed, and they’ve been absolutely fantastic since!

When pushing for sponsorships, ensure you fully understand what you’re getting from it and if it’s worth your time. Understand that you don’t have to have the biggest following or the most viewers to make business deals. Everyone has different values, don’t be scared to push for opportunities.

Q: You’ve amassed a huge following across the pond and recently spent some time in the states; tell us about that experience.

A: I went to America for Twitchcon, and it was my second time visiting America/California. I spent almost two weeks there after needing the break; honestly, it’s a long way to go for anything less. I spent the time networking, partying, travelling and just enjoying America as a whole. I love the states and would love to move up there someday.

Q: What energy drinks did you drink before Beyond NRG, if any?

A: I used to drink a lot of GFuel, but since trying Beyond’s products, I wouldn’t use anything else. Beyond NRG is one of the 10+ brands I tried when I was a free agent, and their clarity contrasted with the rest of the competition.

Q: What do you love most about Beyond?

A: I love the flavours, the innovation, the long-term plans, and how you’re looking to push the market with a focus on customer satisfaction. Not to mention how you look after me as a creator and partner of the company. I feel extremely blessed to be here, and it’s a pleasure to be part of the Beyond family.

Before We Let You Go, We Wanted To Play A Quick Game Of “Loot or Shoot”. We’ll Name The Items, And You Decide Whether To Loot Them Or Shoot Them.

Beyond NRG - Stallion Blog - Loot or Shoot

Tell Us More About Your Partnership With Beyond NRG… What Made You Choose Us As Your Choice Of In-Game Energy?

So I first came into contact with Beyond NRG earlier in 2022. I was on a hunt to find the best sugar-free energy drink brand that fit my and my community’s ethos. I wanted something that tasted good, an innovative product, and to work with a company that would look after me.

After being a free agent from the energy drink world for a while, I tried almost every product in the market. Tonnes of brands sent me their products to try, hoping that I would like them and ideally become a partner of their brand. Among these were Beyond NRG…

As soon as I got my package, the level of customer care, alongside merch, innovative products, the flavours and the fact that you’re a UK company all played to the company’s advantage.

Beyond NRG went over and above all other brands who’d sent me products and won me over extremely quickly. I then contacted the team over at Beyond to pursue a partnership, where I quickly met Billy and Megan. These two lovely individuals, alongside the rest of the team, made me feel incredibly welcome and made the code ‘Stallion’ a reality.

I’ve been partnered with the brand for a few months now, and it’s clear to me that I’ve made a fantastic decision. Many of my community who’ve tried Beyond because of this partnership have now fully switched from their old brands because they say they value the product. From its price to accessibility worldwide, it has the convenience that appeals to everyone. Alongside working with them as a partner, I’m very excited to hopefully see a collaboration alongside Steanside someday. I want to work very closely with Beyond NRG to create content, sell products, create innovative music and more. There’s a lot to watch out for soon, so you better keep your eyes peeled…

And Finally, Describe Your Favourite Beyond Flavour/s And Why You’re Such A Big Fan.

My top 3 flavours have to be…

1. Wild Forest Fruits

2. Blue Raspberry Lemonade

3. Cherry Twist

I’m an absolute sucker for fruity flavours when it comes to drinks, and these three have really attracted my taste buds. They are the three I talk about the most when promoting the product to my audience.

Rounding Up.

Well, we hope we’ve helped you get to know Stallion a little better after reading this blog! This certainly is a partnership destined for bigger things. We couldn’t be happier to have Stallion along for the ride and look forward to a promising future. If you’d like to get to know the real Stallion, we’d invite you to tune into his regular streams over on Twitch, where you can catch all of the action. Are you a long-term follower of Stallions? Do you have some great moments to share? Hit us up, and we’ll be sure to feature them!

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