Posted On May 20, 2023

Study Right: Master Your Studies With Beyond NRG + 10 Top Tips

By Jax
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“…it can be really tempting to rely on AI tools to get the job done. They’re fast, efficient, and seem to have all the answers. But resist!”

Studying can be tough! All that work and dedication, not to mention the fact it’s taking away from your precious gaming time or much-needed break. But there are ways to get more out of your studies – if you learn how to study right! Luckily, here at Beyond, we have some top tips on how best to make sure you get the most out of your own studying sessions. So why not stick around for our Top 10 Tips on how to study right? We promise they won’t let you down – so don’t worry if you’re a student, creative or gamer; all types are welcome here!

Make A Plan For Your Studies – Set Realistic Goals And Develop A Schedule.

Listen up! It’s time to get serious about studies. But who says we have to get boring with it? No way! Here’s what we’re going to do – we’re going to set some totally achievable goals and then map out a study schedule that won’t make us want to pull our hair out. Think about it, you won’t get anywhere if you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. So, let’s take this one step at a time and make it fun.

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Get Organized – Keep Track Of Your Notes, Assignments, And Due Dates.

You must be tired of scribbling random notes, forgetting when your assignments are due, and feeling like you’re always two steps behind? Same here! But fear not, I bring good news – it’s never too late (or too early) to get organised! Yes, I know it sounds mundane and tedious but hear me out. Keeping track of your notes, assignments, and due dates can be a game-changer.

You won’t have to be that person who frantically looks for last-minute answers or pulls all-nighters trying to finish something you don’t even remember starting. Plus, once you get the hang of it, it feels pretty satisfying to have everything in order. It’s time to get things in order, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the epitome of productivity and organization in no time!

Take Regular Breaks To Stay Focused And Re-Energize.

It’s time for a little PSA: take those breaks! No, seriously. You might think you’re getting ahead by powering through your work, but guess what? Your brain is a muscle, and it needs a little downtime to recharge and stay focused. So, next time you feel yourself starting to fade, take a breather!

Run around the block, watch a funny video, do some stretches, or whatever floats your boat. Heck, take a boat ride if you need to. Your productivity (and sanity) will thank you. Plus, who knows? Maybe that crazy cat video will inspire your next big idea. Stranger things have happened!

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Find The Perfect Study Spot – Somewhere Comfortable That Isn’t Too Distracting.

Finding the perfect study spot is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, right? But fear not, my fellow studious friend, for I have some tips that might just help you in your quest. First things first, make sure your chosen spot is comfortable. No one can focus on studying if they’re sitting on a rock-hard chair or have their face pressed up against a wall.

And let’s not forget about distractions – they’re the bane of any student’s existence. Look for a spot that’s peaceful and doesn’t have you surrounded by screaming goats or loud construction work nearby. And finally, if all else fails, just slump down into a beanbag chair, and pray for the best. It worked for me in uni!

Utilize Technology To Maximize Efficiency, Such As Using Apps or Flashcards.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to remember? Well, technology is here to save the day! With just a few taps on your mobile, you can download a handy app or even create your own flashcards to help you maximize efficiency. Gone are the days of having to lug around stacks of note cards or flipping through textbooks trying to find the information you need.

Let technology do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on more important things like binge-watching multiple episodes of BEEF on Netflix or indulging in some much-needed self-care. Trust me, your brain will thank you later!

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Do More Than Just Read The Textbook – Find Articles, Videos, And Podcasts On The Topic.

Textbook lovers! I know we all love to dive into our textbooks and absorb all that knowledge, but why stop there? There are so many other resources out there waiting to be discovered! Don’t limit yourself to just reading from a book, let’s get fancy and spice it up! Hunt down some articles, watch some videos, and maybe even listen to a podcast or two. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite way to learn! Plus, think of all the interesting tidbits and fun facts you can sprinkle into your next conversation – your mates won’t know what hit them! Get out there and explore the wide world of information at your fingertips.

Avoid The Luring Temptation Of AI Options Out There.

Let’s be honest, it can be really tempting to rely on AI tools to get the job done. They’re fast, efficient, and seem to have all the answers. But resist! Yes, technology has its benefits, but it can also take away from your learning experience if you’re not careful. A true understanding of any given subject comes from hands-on exploration, not simply regurgitating information.

So, if you’re stuck on a problem or concept, try tackling it with traditional methods first before turning to an AI tool. It might take some additional effort and time but trust me – the payoff will be so worth it in the end. After all, our predecessors didn’t have such luxuries.

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If You’re Studying And Still Need An Extra Boost…

And you’re over the age of 18. Wait for it… here comes the plug. You can always send for help. In full confidence that Beyond will respond and save the freakin’ day! Scientific studies have shown that the ingredients within Beyond NRG (various nootropics and vitamins) have been proven to help boost mental focus and alertness for up to eight hours. So, if you’re ever feeling drained and need a quick sugar-free pick-me-up, Beyond NRG can provide just that! And with no crash afterwards – it’s a yes please from me! Hand me that shaker.

Now that we’ve covered some ground and discovered the basics, here are our TOP TEN TIPS in short form to help you conquer those studies.

1. Take regular breaks to stay focused and re-energise.

2. Find the perfect study spot – somewhere comfortable that isn’t too distracting and full of screaming goats.

3. Utilise technology to maximise efficiency, such as using apps or flashcards.

4. Do more than just read the textbook – find articles, videos, and podcasts on the topic.

5. Create a study plan, get organised and set achievable goals for yourself – make sure all your notes, materials, and supplies are in order before you start studying.

6. Avoid the ever-popular temptation to lean into AI. Doing your own constructive research will ultimately assist in absorbing the topic of study, and the information you’re taking on board.

7. Gain a boost with Beyond NRG – the healthier energy drink that contains powerful ingredients that are both brain-boosting and good for the body.

8. Have a friend or study group to review your material with and ask questions.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re having trouble understanding something. 10. Reward yourself when you meet your goals – go for a jog, watch a funny video, order pizza, or whatever floats your boat. Your hard work deserves to be appreciated!

10. Reach for Beyond NRG – the ingredients contained have been shown to improve memory, focus and concentration.

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Studying can be arduous, especially when juggling multiple lectures, dissertations, and exams at once. But by planning and staying organised, it is possible to make the process as stress-free as possible. Finding the right study spot and making smart use of technology are also key elements that can help to keep you motivated and on track.

Ultimately, the goal should be to find a balance between hard work and taking breaks – so don’t feel guilty about pausing for some good music or TV from time to time. And remember, not everything you need to know comes from textbooks – there are always more opportunities for learning! With just a little planning, effort, and dedication, you’ll find yourself on your way to acing those studies in no time!

I hope these tips have been helpful and have given you the motivation you need to take on your studies. Just remember, you got this! Now it’s time to hit those books. Good luck and happy studying!

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