Posted On May 7, 2021

The Lucky 15s: Beyond NRG’s first extreme sports partnership

By Beyond

The Lucky 15s have been the highest-ranked tournament paintball team in the UK for the past five years, winning numerous titles and securing five consecutive UK league wins at the home of tournament paintball, the CPPS. The CPPS has over 100 teams competing over eight divisions each season.

The Lucky’s also competed in Germany, where they came runner up last season in their top division and will be competing in the European Pro Circuit moving forward.

“Beyond has welcomed us into their family, and it’s been a huge honour, especially as they’re stepping outside of their standard marketplace! With paintball not being a mainstream sport, it’s always difficult to attract sponsors from outside of our industry, so we’re super excited about where this could lead.” – Ainsley, Lucky 15s.

Lucky 15s in paintball arena

Paintball, it’s an extreme sport?

Most people recognise paintball as something you participate in at birthdays or work outings in the woods. Still, over the years, an offshoot has been developed where paintball is played in arenas with inflatable bunkers as cover and played in teams of five players. It’s adrenaline-packed, requires skill, stamina and is an absolute thrill to watch! Check out this video featuring clips of the Lucky 15s at the third round of the CPPS in 2020.

When was the Lucky 15s founded, and how did they get their name?

The Lucky 15s have been in existence since 2008, founded by Ainsley Baddeley. He’d been playing paintball in the woods and began to compete in ‘tournament’ paintball with some friends when some work colleagues convinced him to place a “Lucky 15” bet on horse racing.

He chose four horses from four races and placed a lowly £6 bet. All the horses won, and he walked away with nearly £3500. He used the money to start the team, buying people matching kit and equipment. They needed a name, so the Lucky 15s seemed appropriate, and the horse seemed like a great logo to adopt. 

Lucky 15s player in the field


Explain competitive paintball to us in just five words!

Fast, tactical, adrenaline, addictive, skilled.

Where do the Lucky 15s compete?

Germany, America, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands so far! 

Sounds epic to watch! Where can we watch the Lucky 15s play?

CPPS hosts a live stream on selected weekends over the season. Check out CPPS Paintball on Twitch as the season starts soon! 

Do you think there’s a cross over between FPS gaming and FPS in real life?

100%. There are many tactical elements to paintball that certainly cross over, combined with reading your opponents and their next moves. There are a LOT of gamers in the paintball world! 

Lucky 15s in Germany

What games do the team enjoy playing when there not on the field?

Amongst our team, a lot of players enjoy Apex Legends, Counter-Strike and Warzone.

We hear our CEO used to play for a competing team to the L15’s in the same league. Do you feel like sharing any comments about the fact he’s not there, and you guys are! 😉

He did indeed, and he was a decent player, competing in the Elite division (the highest division at CPPS). Billy is a top guy; however, we couldn’t afford his signing fee; otherwise, he would have been a Lucky 15 😉.

What are you most excited about in 2021, and what’s in the future for L15’s?

We’re most excited about playing Pro in Europe. COVID prevented us from starting the season, so far for a year and counting! We’ve been putting in the training hours, though and can’t wait for the opportunity to play against the best teams in Europe.

Lucky 15s Join Beyond NRG

Beyond NRG fuels the highest ranking UK paintball team

The Lucky 15s paintball team is the first step into the extreme sports arena for Beyond NRG and a very proud step. Paintball requires focus, endurance, and pinpoint accuracy. Lucky15 choose Beyond NRG as their chosen in-game fuel. The highest-ranking paintball team in the UK for the last five years. We welcome them with open arms as our first team partnership outside of gaming and esports! Click here to view their official Beyond page.

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