White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker
White Vortex Shaker

White Vortex Shaker

600ml - White


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Product Info

White battery powered Vortex Shaker. The world’s most advanced supplement bottle! There’s no need for shaking, just hit the button, and let the Vortex Shakers powerful, patented X-Blade™ technology spin. Within seconds, you’ll have a perfectly energised drink with nootropics intact.

  • Product Features

    • X-Blade™ technology from PROMiXX®
    • 600ml capacity
    • Ergonomic lid design with leakproof seals
    • Powerful battery-powered motor

    Requires 2x AA batteries (not supplied).

    Also available in black or as part of a bundle.

  • Delivery & Returns

    Due to the recent Royal Mail strike action, customers are experiencing delays of up to 2 – 3 weeks. Please use one of our alternate shipping methods.

    Standard UK delivery via Royal Mail is 2-3 working days using the Tracked 48 service. Please allow 1 working day to process all orders. UK shipping via DPD will arrive the next working day. Read our full shipping terms here. For Information on returns click here.


  • 1 year Warranty

    1 year

  • Easy Clean


  • Perfect Blend


  • 100% Leak-Proof


  • Super Portable


  • Quality Materials


Say Goodbye to Shaking

Vortex Shaker Breakdown Vortex Shaker Breakdown

The perfect mix every time

X-Blade™ technology from PROMiXX® ensures your drink is mixed perfectly. Just fill with water, add your scoop of Beyond and watch the Vortex whirl.

Keep your nootropic stack intact! Push the button and allow the Vortex Shaker to do the work for you.

Why beyond nrg over other energy drinks?

Beyond is made for mental performance.

A supplement tailored for the digital generation as we head into the metaverse era of connectivity. Using a unique blend of nootropic ingredients, combined with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and caffeine.

We introduce a whole new category to soft drinks, the functional drinks category.

More About Beyond NRG

  • What is Beyond NRG?
    Beyond NRG is a sugar-free focus and energy supplement. A functional drink delivering a blend of natural caffeine, nootropics, vitamins and minerals to the brain and body, enabling you to sustain peak mental performance. Simply add 300–600ml of water to taste and shake well before drinking.
  • Is Beyond completely sugar-free?
    To be classified as sugar-free in the UK, our entire product range contains less than 0.5g sugar per 100g. Instead of adding sugars, Beyond NRG uses an advanced nootropic formula. That doesn’t mean that our drinks are not sweet, though! The great thing is if you want to adjust the sweetness, you can add a little more / or less water!
  • What is ‘Coffiene®’?
    Caffeine naturally stimulates the central nervous system and, when ingested, blocks the action of adenosine on its receptors which stops the onset of drowsiness. Caffeine extract can help to increase alertness, reduce fatigue, and boost energy levels. Coffeine® is one of the only caffeine’s naturally sourced and extracted exclusively from coffee beans.
  • What is KSM-66®?
    We use KSM-66 Ashwagandha®️, the world’s most clinically studied Ashwagandha on the market, being evaluated in 22 ‘Gold Standard’ human clinical trials.
  • What are Nootropics?
    Any natural or synthetic substance that enhances mental function is considered a ‘nootropic’, and there are now over 80 different substances under the umbrella of nootropics. We’ve selected some of the best among them to feature in our drink.
  • Who is Beyond NRG for?
    During our quest to create the best energy & focus drink, we realised something. What if we could make a ‘pre-workout’ but for non-physical activity? Put your brain into the right gear, with a rush of natural energy and zero crash if you’re a streamer looking for a boost on long sessions, a competitive gamer that needs to sharpen up focus, or just to kickstart your day at the office. Beyond is made for you.
  • Natural Caffeine
  • 9 Vitamins
  • 7 Nootropics
  • Sugar-Free
  • Vegetarian

Our focus & energy formula

BeyondNRG Formula
By hand-picking specific ingredients,

Beyond NRG provides an incremental release in energy using naturally sourced caffeine, combined with our unique combination of nootropics, vitamins, and minerals. We’ve only included ingredients that can make a real difference to mental performance.

Formula breakdown

Vortex Formula Breakdown
  • Amino Acids (mg) 1400mg
  • Nootropics (mg) 900mg
  • Coffeine® (mg) 150mg
  • Minerals (mg) 150mg
  • Vitamins (mg) 92mg
  • Proudly made in the uk

    Made In Britain Certification

    Certified member of Made in Britain

  • We ship worldwide

    Beyond Shipping Breakdown

    FREE standard delivery (UK only) for orders over £40.

    FREE next working day delivery (UK only) for orders over £75.

    FREE international shipping via DHL for orders over £100.

  • Over 650,000 servings of beyond
    Worldwide Shipping
    sold to 23 countries

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